Silber Anhänger Efeublatt

Länge des Blattes 3,2 cm
Breite des Blattes 2,7 cm
handgefertigtes Einzelstück von einem echten Blatt
Material Silber

Ein echtes Blatt vom Efeu ist direkt in Silber abgeformt. Handgefertigtes Einzelstück als Silberanhänger.

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  • ASB071
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  • 1 kg
An ivy leaf pendant in silver. The ivy leaf pendant is a natural reproduction of a real ivy... mehr
Produktinformationen "Silber Anhänger Efeublatt"

An ivy leaf pendant in silver. The ivy leaf pendant is a natural reproduction of a real ivy leaf. The silver leaf was directly depicted in the metal and is involved in the manufacturing process of the pendant. Therefore it is not possible to make a pendant twice. Each leaf pendant is a unique piece. Each silver leaf is a unique specimen and so each pendant is also a unique specimen - so there will never be 2 completely the same.

The ivy and its effect

In 2010 ivy was voted medicinal plant of the year. An award that has existed in Germany since 1999. There are around 400 different varieties of the ivy plant, which differ primarily in their different leaf shapes and colours. In horticulture, a distinction is made between 2 varieties: ground cover or climbing plant. The climbing plant ivy can grow up to 20 metres high, which you should bear in mind when growing it. Ivy prefers semi-shady to shady and also rather moist. The plant loves a calcareous and nutrient-rich soil. To prune it and prevent it from spreading too far, you can cut it back in spring. The regular cutting of the shoots results in a bushier and denser growth.

The pendant can optionally be delivered with a leather strap in the colour of your choice. The leather straps have a total length of 100 cm and are made of fine, soft goatskin. I tie the ribbons to the pendant with a knot so that you can vary the length of the chain continuously. The ivy leaf pendant can also be delivered with a short leather strap with silver clasp. Please enter the colour of the leather strap when ordering. I also like to deliver other leaf pendants - just write me an e-mail with your leaf ideas. You can find more leaf pendants here.

If you would like to give the pendant as a present, I will be happy to pack it in a nice box for you.

Please let me know when you place your order. If necessary, clean the pendant with mild soap and warm water. Use a silver cleaning cloth.

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