Silber Ohrstecker Ginkgoblatt

16 mm lang und 7 mm breit
handgefertigtes Einzelstück von einem echten Blatt
Blatt aus Silber, Ginkgo Ohrstecker aus Silber, Ohrmuttern aus Silber

Ginkgoblatt Ohrstecker aus Silber direkt vom echten Blatt abgeformt. Echte Blattabbildungen, daher sind die Ohrstecker auch nicht komplett ident.

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  • 101 kg
Small leaves of my Ginkgo tree in silver original replicated and designed to ear studs. Ginkgo... mehr
Produktinformationen "Silber Ohrstecker Ginkgoblatt"

Small leaves of my Ginkgo tree in silver original replicated and designed to ear studs. Ginkgo leaf ear studs in silver with silver plugs and silver nuts.

The Ginkgo and its effect

The Ginkgo is a tree species native to China and planted all over the world today. It belongs to the so-called primeval trees or primeval plants and its ancestors already existed 300 million years ago on our earth. Meanwhile it can be found very often in many front gardens, also in my garden! Why do we do that?  Its shape and the shape of its trees is so beautiful that it has something very attractive for us. Like no other, its leathery leaves help to improve the blood circulation in our vascular system and are thus effective against many civilization diseases. Especially its strengthening effect on the memory is very popular and well known by many. These ear studs are natural images of real ginkgo leaves in bronze - the leaves were directly depicted in the metal and are included in the manufacturing process of the ear studs, so the two ear studs do not look completely identical. Each leaf is unique and so all earstuds are also unique - so there will never be 2 completely identical ones.

Care instructions

I also like to make ear studs or earrings from other leaves, please keep in mind that all are natural images and I am therefore dependent on the real leaves. Here you can find a number of earrings in silver or bronze directly from other leaves. I also like to pack the ear studs in a nice gift box if you want to give them away. But also for you this box is a good possibility to store your ear studs and to keep them beautiful for a long time.  Please tell me when ordering. Please take off the earrings for bathing and saunaing, so you get their colourfulness for a long time. You can clean the earrings with a jewellery cleaning cloth. If necessary also with warm soapy water and then rinse well under running water.  

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