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Poplar Pendant Silver Sale price€210
Ginkgo pendant silver Sale price€210
Ginkgo pendant silver Sale price€210
Sage leaf pendant gold Sale price€300
Olive leaf pendant gold Sale price€300
Beech leaf pendant silver Sale price€210
Ginkgo pendant silver Sale price€210
Hazelnut Pendant Silver Sale price€220
Ivy leaf pendant silver Sale price€210
Vine leaf pendant gold Sale price€300
Currant Pendant Silver Sale price€210

Leaf pendant: A gift from nature

If you are someone who enjoys being out in nature, then you have probably already noticed what impressive and beautiful creatures our trees are. They grow to be huge, and no two trees are the same. I find the leaves most fascinating: not only is each one designed in its own unique shape and size, but the fine veins and details amaze me every time I hold them in my hand.

As I love nature and have a weakness for high-quality jewelry, my profession, or rather my calling, was obvious: I make leaf jewelry. For me, leaves are not just foliage: they are a gift from nature, incredibly creatively designed and each one unique and enchantingly beautiful. And I pass that on by making my gold, silver and bronze leaf pendants from real leaves.

Handcraft, care and love

In my opinion, high-quality jewelry cannot be produced on an assembly line. It requires craftsmanship and skill and a great deal of passion for this work.

That's why I make my leaf pendants by hand. And that's not all: nature itself is my best partner! I make the pendants from real leaves that I collect on my long walks through the forest and fields. Because in my opinion, no one can recreate the delicate and unique work that goes into the leaves of the maple, oak, linden or beech as masterfully as nature itself. That's why I use the leaves directly to make my pendants.

Each leaf pendant is unique

Since I use the leaves of trees and also some flowers and herbs directly to make my leaf pendants, each of my pieces of jewelry is completely individual and one of a kind. I don't know if you've ever noticed, but no tree ever grows a leaf exactly like another. The size, the shape, the color, the course of the leaf veins - no leaf is identical to another. It's the same with us humans: we look alike, and we certainly all have feelings. But each of us is only one in the world. Every person is very special. And that's exactly what I want to express with my natural jewelry: I want you to feel that! When you wear one of my leaf pendants, you should feel like you are a wonderful and unique person, just like the leaf that adorns your neck, ears or arm.

If you choose my leaf jewelry, then hopefully you will feel this energy, this joy of existence and the love for everything beautiful that surrounds us and that is within us.

Because that is exactly what I feel at work when I make the pendants from leaves in my workshop.

Natural beauty for you

I think it's beautiful when the dew sparkles on the leaves and flowers in the morning, or when the golden evening sun makes an entire forest shine with every single leaf. I want to capture this silver sparkle and golden rays with my natural pendants and pass them on to you. For me, beauty has nothing to do with external features or certain criteria, but is something we all have. When you wear my leaf jewelry, I hope that you can feel your beauty, that you carry it with you every day and can show it to the world. Natural beauty is also within you, and with my leaf jewelry I want to give you this feeling on your way.

My leaf decorations – the beauty of trees and flowers, cast for you in gold, silver and bronze.