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Jewellery from nature

I am Gudrun Stolz

Artist, designer and craftswoman from Austria.
Owner of Goodrun | Jewelry from nature

Gudrun Stolz | Schmuck aus Natur | lebe deine Einzigartigkeit

inspire and support

Live your uniqueness and underline your personality

Creativity and craftsmanship are the air I breathe every day, creating new, unique pieces of jewelry is my absolute passion.

Nature is my source of inspiration and I love running across the meadows and through the woods with my dog ​​Buppi.

With me you will find unique pieces of jewelry that only you can wear. Let your individuality shine with a unique piece of jewelry.

Gudrun Stolz und Buppi | Schmuck aus Natur

Gudrun Stolz

get inspired

I am Gudrun Stolz and I live with my family and our dog Buppi in Altenberg near Linz.

Goodrun | Natural jewelry was created from a combination of love for jewelry and enthusiasm for nature. We are surrounded by so much diversity and uniqueness and it was only through my numerous walks across meadows and in forests that I really became aware of this. Our Buppi found her way to us about 5 years ago and since then I have been out in nature a lot.

In our garden, around our house, we have numerous sage bushes in all possible variations. For years, at least 10 new ones have been added every spring, making sage definitely the main plant in our garden.

You either love or hate sage , I love it and use it to make my sage leaf rings . Each sage ring comes from a real leaf and is only available once. Let this unique piece of jewelry accompany you to your very special moments.

These exclusive natural jewelry pieces are made in silver, gold plated or bronze and underline your style with noble elegance.

Schauraum und Atelier von Gudrun Stolz | Goodrun | Schmuck aus Natur

I look forward to your visit

come to my studio

You are very welcome to visit me on site and try on ALL my jewelry and choose your favorite piece here.

I have reserved times in my calendar when I will be in the studio. You can now book your preferred date using a booking tool or call me on +4369913327282 if your preferred date is not available!

Address: 4203 Altenberg, Alpenblick 5

A gift for you


Gudrun Stolz | Schmuck aus Natur und handgefertigt in meiner Werkstatt in Österreich

my story


My label name 'goodrun' has a very long and emotional meaning for me. As you can probably imagine, the whole thing is derived from my first name 'Gudrun'.

I like my first name, but unfortunately it is only really used in German-speaking countries. In other languages, however, it is almost impossible to pronounce and people don't really understand it and can't identify it or even write it.

Therefore, it was always very difficult for me to introduce myself using my first name in foreign-speaking countries.

Many years ago in the USA, during an introduction round, an acquaintance came up with this beautiful synonym - Gudrun -> goodrun.

I liked it so much that, although I don't use it as my name abroad, I used the word a few years later for my first freelance job in the graphics field and then also adopted it for my jewelry label.

goodrun - good run and the connection to my first name Gudrun is the perfect wording for my label.

Known from

Gudrun Stolz | Schmuck aus Natur und handgefertigt in Altenberg bei Linz

do you want more?


I love tea, yes, and am almost "tea addicted" - at least when it comes to buying tea packets! When I pass a tea shop, I have to go in and I can't leave without trying 1-2 types of tea.

Knitting was my great passion and before I devoted myself fully to jewelry, many sweaters and even a large blanket for my son came off the needle.

I'm a summer person! I love the warmth and can't understand why others complain about 30 degrees.

If you want to find out more little secrets about me, I have a whole blog article full of them here.

Gudrun Stolz | Schmuck aus Natur und handgefertigt in Oberösterreich

about me


I was born and grew up in Linz (Austria). After attending the Modekolleg / Linz and the ESMOD / Munich, I worked as a graphic designer, first as an employee and then as a freelancer.

After countless workshops and seminars in the field of jewelry, I followed my calling and, after being awarded the artist's hallmark, became self-employed as a freelance artist.

I live with my husband, my two sons and my dog ​​Buppi in Altenberg near Linz. Here I also have my workshop with an attached showroom where you are welcome to visit me by appointment!