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goodrun • Schmuck aus der Natur


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Salbeiblatt Ring - handgefertigtes Einzelstück aus einem echten Blatt in Recyclingsilber

Handmade unique pieces made from real leaves in recycled silver.

Jewelry that is as unique as you

Salbeiblatt Ring in Bronze vom echten Blatt

the last leaf rings in bronze | are no longer produced

Sage leaf rings made of bronze

Known from

The most important reasons for your Goodrun jewelry

Each piece of jewellery is unique

nickel-free | very skin-friendly

Made from sustainable materials

Gudrun Stolz | Schmuck aus Natur | lebe deine Einzigartigkeit

Hello I am Gudrun

It is important to me that every woman wears a unique piece of jewelry

I understand that you are not looking for just any piece of jewelry, but one with a story. That is why I make unique pieces of jewelry from real leaves.

My dog ​​Buppi and I love running through forests and meadows. I collect the leaves that I then use to make your jewelry. Each piece of leaf jewelry comes directly from a real leaf. This is carefully crafted in my workshop into a unique piece of jewelry in recycled silver or gold.

Schmuck Einzelstücke - natürlich handgemacht von mir persönlich

A dance with nature

How each piece of jewellery becomes a unique work of art

The process begins with the careful selection of the most beautiful leaves, directly from nature. The fine selection then takes place in the studio to find the best leaf for the piece of jewelry.

Every step is a dance with nature: the layer-by-layer removal of the entire leaf structure and shape, the artistic addition of other materials, the careful polishing - all these small steps are necessary to create an incomparable piece of leaf jewelry made of recycled silver. Not only pieces of jewelry are created here, but unique stories, captured in every detail.

Unique pieces - handmade - from real leaf

This is what my happy customers say

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Your personal unique piece

If you also want to have a unique piece of jewelry

A unique piece of jewelry with a story that connects you to your garden, your family, a friend or your childhood.

Get in touch with me. We can discuss together how you can get your individual piece of jewelry.