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Unique leaf jewelry

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Do you also love nature, its splendor and its diverse forms, its radiant, lavish beauty? Does a walk under strong, whispering trees give you strength for everyday life? Or would you like to be one of those delicate flowers yourself, swaying gracefully in the wind on a summer meadow?

Then I invite you: On a walk to sparkling golden linden leaves, to mysteriously shimmering silver rose petals, to maple, oak and ginkgo, captured forever in my natural jewelry.

My handmade jewelry is inspired by the splendor and beauty of nature. The individual pieces are not only modeled on nature, but are taken directly from the collected leaves and flowers. It is natural jewelry, handmade with love and expertise.

Each piece is unique – for you, from nature.


A precious ring is not only a symbol of love and marriage. Its shape is a circle, which stands for perfection, eternity, and connection with all things on earth.

My rings are not only unique pieces of jewelry, but also unique in design: I tried to capture the forms of nature: the endlessly branched structure of the tree bark, the delicate texture of the sage leaf, the silent glow of the ear of corn and the mysterious shimmer of the corals and pearls on the seabed.

Each ring is unique and individually handcrafted. So that your hands sparkle even in everyday life!


With one of my pendants you can get very close to the soul of the leaves, as they can sway and swing gently with each of your steps, just like a breath of wind blowing through the trees.

The golden oak leaves and strong maple leaves lie calmingly and powerfully on the chest when everyday office life gets stressful. Handmade pieces of jewelry such as the shimmering vine leaf or the lucky clover leaf bring naturalness, light and color into your life - try it out!


Bracelets have been used as jewelry for thousands of years, but that's not all: the ancient Germanic and Greek peoples used artfully crafted gold and bronze bracelets to ward off evil looks or bad luck.

Among my leaf jewelry you will also find bracelets with the leaf of the ginkgo, the ancient tree from Asia that people there have revered for centuries as a protective tree and tree of wisdom. Its unique, two-part shape particularly fascinates me, as it reminds me of a heart, but with the straight leaf veins it reminds me of a strong, powerful heart.

The leaves and flowers on my bracelets are also unique pieces of jewelry – for us strong women who still need a little protection from time to time in everyday life.


Of all the pieces of jewelry, the earring is probably the most mysterious: although we look people straight in the face, the ears are usually hidden behind the hair. They only suddenly appear when you give them a mischievous sideways glance or turn to another person you are talking to. With my natural jewelry, you have the surprise on your side twice: amaze friends, colleagues or your loved ones with handmade jewelry in the shape of small, golden raspberry leaves or silvery flowers from which smooth, white pearls shine. Or do you sometimes like things a little unusual? Perhaps you are also fascinated - like me - by the charm of a very common weed: the stinging nettle. It is not popular with gardeners, but its leaf structure is unique, strong and yet so wafer-thin. And my stinging nettle leaves do not cause any unpleasant itching or burning on the skin - I promise!


Whatever you choose: connection, protection, a little secret or simply sparkling beauty, you can order all my rings, bracelets, pendants and earrings quickly and easily online.

All of my leaves are unique pieces that I found on my walks in our beautiful Austrian mountains and then reproduced for you in silver or gold. No two leaves are the same - just like in nature. And that's how all of my jewelry is made. There isn't a single one alike.

Just as there is only one of you and me in this world, you and me and our beauty.

Treat yourself! I look forward to seeing you!