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Article: Celtic tree horoscope | your tree of life as a leaf pendant

keltisches Baumhoroskop | dein Lebensbaum als Blattanhänger

Celtic tree horoscope | your tree of life as a leaf pendant

A few years ago I was standing at one of these art exhibitions, surrounded by my handmade silver and gold jewelry, all of which had one thing in common: they were made of real leaves. As the visitors strolled past, an older gentleman suddenly spoke to me. His look betrayed a mixture of curiosity and a need to communicate as he pointed to my jewelry and asked: "Why don't you offer all the leaves and tree structures in your range?"

His question got me thinking. Sure, I'd always had a love for the beauty of nature and its forms, but I'd never thought about whether every single leaf or tree structure in my works could have a specific meaning. At the time, I was only vaguely familiar with the Celtic tree horoscope he was talking about. To be honest, I wasn't really a big fan of horoscopes. Now and then I'd read one when I was leafing through a magazine, but more out of pure curiosity than conviction.

Still, the man's question stuck with me. Maybe it was because it gave me a new perspective on my work. Maybe it was simply the idea that my jewelry was not only beautiful to look at, but could also have a hidden symbolic meaning. Whatever the case, I decided to get to the bottom of it.

I started to look more closely at the Celtic tree horoscope. I read about the different tree signs, their characteristics and their meaning for those born under their influence. And the more I learned about it, the more the idea fascinated me.

I was touched by the idea that each of my pieces of jewelry was not just an artfully designed accessory, but also a kind of personal symbol that reflected the wearer on a deeper level. Perhaps my collection was not just jewelry, but also a kind of guide that helped people better understand their own personality.

Tree Horoscope | Which tree are you?

The Celtic tree horoscope is actually not a classic horoscope, as you probably know or at least suspect now. It is about trees and their relationship to us humans.

Tree horoscope, which tree is your tree of life

The Celts were a people who lived with a strong connection to nature and their relationship with trees was strong and very important to their life and existence. But in the true sense, the tree horoscope as we know it today does not originate from the time of the Celts, but was developed much later. It was not until the 20th century that writers and journalists took up this subject and developed their own tree horoscope.

According to the Celtic tree circle, every person is assigned their own tree of life based on their date of birth. There are 22 trees in total and each tree has its own strengths  and the powers he puts at our disposal.

Each type of tree appears twice in the annual cycle and is always directly opposite each other. There are four trees that are an exception: the beech , the oak , the birch and the olive tree . These trees are only assigned to one day in the annual cycle. These days are turning points in the annual cycle and always determine a change of season. The beech is assigned to December 22nd, the wind solstice, the oak to March 21st, the beginning of spring. Then we have the birch, which has its place in the annual cycle on June 24th, the summer solstice, and last but not least the olive tree, which is assigned to September 23rd, the beginning of autumn.

For the Celts, nature and especially trees played a very important role. They lived in harmony with nature and discovered the healing effects of different trees, leaves, bark and buds.

The fact that trees have a very powerful effect on us humans was researched and scientifically proven by CG Jung, the well-known Swiss psychiatrist. Trees have a very powerful effect on us humans. Trees can show us how we can use and release our inner strengths. Firmly rooted in the present, the tree stretches towards the light. It dances with the wind and shows us its adaptability and how we can remain true to ourselves and our essence. It defies the storms of life with its grace and lightness and does not allow itself to be thrown off course by them.

The Celtic tree horoscope and its trees

Now I would like to introduce you to the different trees of the Celtic tree horoscope. I will first introduce them briefly and then occasionally take a closer look at one or the other tree if it particularly appeals to me and I feel the need to go into it in more detail.

Apple tree 23.12. to 1.1. and from 25.6 to 4.7

The apple tree was one of the sacred trees for the Celts and symbolized love and immortality. According to a Celtic legend, there is an apple tree in Avalon, the Celtic paradise, and its fruits grant immortality to those who eat them.

Those born under the sign of the apple tree belong to the earth element family and their characteristics are patience, helpfulness and sensitivity. They are also considered charming, serving and imaginative, and overall they exude a positive and charismatic aura.

Fir 2.1. to 11.1. and from 5.7. to 14.7.

The Celtic people called the fir tree the "king of the forest". People born under the fir tree belong to the water element family. The water element gives these people flexibility and deep trust in life.

If you celebrate your birthday under this sign, then your gifts are self-confidence, strength and spontaneity. You are considered to be forward-looking, reliable, creative and independent and you also have an extraordinary charisma.

Ulme 12.1 to 24.1. and from 15.7. to 25.7.

The Celts considered the elm to be the messenger of spring and also a symbol of awakening consciousness. People born under the elm tree, like those born under the fir tree, belong to the water element family. People born under the elm tree often work in the arts or enjoy working with other people.

Those born under the sign of the elm combine a variety of characteristics, such as a positive charisma, helpfulness, generosity, but they are also particularly strong-willed and realistic.

Cypress 25.1. to 3.2. and from 26.7 to 4.8.

The cypress is native to the Mediterranean landscape and is a particularly sun-loving tree. In mythology, the tree represents life after death and the immortality of the soul.

If you belong to this group, then you belong to the air element - these people are also considered to be very freedom-loving and they pursue their paths and goals in a very persistent and daring way. Cypress-born people are very inquisitive, active and intuitive, but at the same time sociable, independent and positive.

the Celtic tree horoscope | the poplar as a leaf pendant

Poplar from 4.2. to 8.2. and from 5.8. to 13.8.

The tree of the people was the poplar for the Celts, as shoes, shields and all kinds of other everyday objects were made from it. The Druids took secret messages from the other world from the rustling of the poplar leaves.

This tree sign belongs to the air elements and they are usually very emotional people who can often read between the lines. People born under the sign of poplar are often very frugal people who can get by with little. These people are also usually very understanding, patient but also sensitive and vulnerable.

Cedar from 9.2. to 18.2. and from 14.8. to 23.8.

The Celts considered the cedar to be the tree of enlightenment and also the tree of kings. People born under the cedar tree belong to the air element family. These people are considered to be very versatile and always manage to adapt and face new challenges.

They are very energetic people who often pursue their goals with a lot of patience and perseverance. People born under the sign of the cedar are autonomous, headstrong and good communicators, but also creative, combative and self-confident.

Kiefer from 19.2. to 29.2. and from 24.8. to 2.9.

The pine tree, or in our latitudes also called fir, is a symbol of endurance and modesty. This tree has managed to spread all over the world thanks to its adaptability. People born under the sign of the pine tree belong to the fire element family and are also very adaptable and often do not have very high demands.

These people combine two opposite poles in themselves: on the one hand they are very temperamental beings, but on the other hand they are also very practical. They are considered to be orderly, sensible but also eloquent and self-confident.

The willow as a leaf pendant | the Celtic tree horoscope

Pasture from 1.3. to 10.3. and from 3.9. to 12.9.

People born in the Willow are considered emotional and physical people who often tend to overexert themselves. But thanks to their flexibility and vitality, they can compensate for this situation very quickly.

They belong to the water element family and usually have a very robust and strong nature. These people are tolerant, persistent and energetic but also close to nature, sensitive and intuitive.

Linden leaf pendant | Celtic tree horoscope

Linde from 11.3 to 20.3 and from 13.9. to 22.9.

The linden tree stands for love and compassion and this is also expressed by the heart shape of its leaves. For the Celts, the linden tree was the tree of justice and so those born under the linden tree also have a very strong sense of justice and diplomacy.

This sign belongs to the water element family and people born in this time are considered sensitive, social and understanding but also cheerful, sociable and loyal.

Hazelnut leaf | the Celtic tree horoscope

Hazelnut from 22.3. to 31.3. and from 24.9. to 3.10.

Among the Celts, the Druids made dowsing rods from hazelnut branches to find water, and among the Romans, the hazelnut tree was a symbol of peace.

Hazelnut -born people belong to the fire element family and love to face challenges. These people are very strong-willed and do not shy away from confrontations. They are multi-talented, successful and combative, but also sensual, tolerant and fond of traveling.

Rowan from 1.4. to 10.4. and from 4.10. to 13.10.

The mountain ash is known to us as the rowan tree and its bright red fruits are a popular source of food for birds. This sign belongs to the fire element family and those born under it long for harmony and balance.

People born under the sign of Rowan are fun-loving, helpful and generous but also justice-loving, sociable and wise.

Maple leaf pendant | Celtic tree horoscope

Maple from 11.4. to 20.4. and from 14.10 to 23.10.

The maple tree is found almost all over the world and its palmately fanned leaves are considered a symbol of freedom. Maple-born people belong to the air element family and are known for finding a very individual path in life. These people are considered to be very freedom-loving and this often clashes with their desire for togetherness.

Those born under the sign of the maple tree are strong-willed, active and courageous but also multi-talented, ambitious and socially committed.

Nussbaum from 21.4. to 30.4. and from 24.10. to 2.11.

For the Celts, the walnut tree was a symbol of change and for the Greeks, the nut was a food of the gods and a lucky charm. People born under the walnut tree belong to the earth element family and are considered thinkers or "dissenters". They are often the black sheep of a community because they bring up new thought patterns and ideas.

People born under the sign of the walnut tree are generally considered family people and are loyal and security-loving, but also stubborn, strong-willed and capable.

Yew from 1.5. to 14.5. and from 3.11. to 11.11.

The yew tree is considered the tree of eternal life and represents the connection between this world and the next. It reinforces this through its evergreen needles and its toxic effect. Yew-born people belong to the air element family and are very sensitive and delicate on the inside, whereas on the outside they often appear particularly harsh and hard.

These people are gentle, sensual and close to nature but also very contradictory and mystical.

Chestnut leaf pendant in silver | Celtic tree horoscope

Chestnut from 15.5. to 24.4. and from 12.11. to 21.11.

The Celts considered the chestnut to be the tree of truth and openness. People born under the chestnut tree belong to the earth element family and often only know one path: the straight one. They are usually very humorous and sociable people.

These people are considered enthusiastic, courageous and spontaneous but also energetic, brave and helpful.

Ash from 25.5. to 3.6. and from 22.11. to 1.12.

People born under the ash tree belong to the air element family and exude lightness and joie de vivre. They are curious and open to exploring the world, they are very freedom-loving and want to go their own way.

These people are unconventional, impulsive and full of energy; at the same time they are also creative, inspiring and artistically gifted.

Hornbeam 4.6. to 13.6. and from 2.12. to 11.12.

The hornbeam, along with the hazel and the elder, is one of the magical woods used by the wise women of the Celts. These women had the infinite knowledge of plants within themselves and were later burned as witches. Hornbeam-born people belong to the fire element family and are very loyal and down-to-earth people. Their sense of order and duty can sometimes put pressure on those around them.

These people are considered disciplined, reliable and persistent but also robust, realistic and hardworking.

Fig leaf pendant | the Celtic tree horoscope

Fig tree 14.6. to 23.6 and from 12.12. to 21.12.

In some cultures, the fig tree is a symbol of prosperity and happiness. People born under the fig tree belong to the earth element family and are very sensitive and want to immerse themselves deeply in life with all their senses.

These people are above all very tolerant, cosmopolitan and relaxed, as well as close to nature and true family people.

Olive tree earrings | the Celtic tree horoscope

Olive Tree September 23 - Autumn Equinox

The olive tree is a symbol of peace, loyalty and love - the very long-lasting olives were a popular object of exchange in earlier times. Those born on this day have a very balanced temperament and are considered to be unswerving in the pursuit of their goals.

This sign is an earth element and the people born under it are down-to-earth and pragmatic. These people focus on the essentials and are very skilled at resolving conflicts.

Beech leaf pendant in silver | the Celtic tree horoscope

The Beech 22 December - Winter Solstice

On the darkest day of the year, the winter solstice, the beech element has its place. The Celts revered the beech tree and made runes from it, which they used for oracles.

People born in the beech have almost endless stamina and patience, they are dutiful and act decisively and intuitively. They are also very well organized and responsible and can inspire those around them very well.

Oak leaf pendant in silver | the Celtic tree horoscope

The Oak 21 March - Spring Equinox

The Celts already considered the oak to be a tree of strength and power, and the Druids knew about the extraordinary healing power of oak mistletoe, which is still used for healing today.

People born under the oak tree belong to the fire element family and are considered to be true center of attention with the ability to draw the full attention of a group to themselves. They are very strong-willed and courageous leaders who go through the world with spirit and full of zest for life. These people are persistent but also stubborn and go through life responsibly and full of drive.

Birch leaf pendant | the Celtic tree horoscope

The Birch 24 June - Summer Solstice

This tree marks the longest and brightest day of the year. The birch is a magical tree that has always stood for new beginnings and new beginnings. People born under the birch tree carry the sun within them and radiate lightness. Positive thinking is definitely a life motto for people born under the birch tree. They have a big heart and feel most comfortable in the company of their loved ones.

These people are very helpful and have a charismatic aura. They are considered dutiful and ambitious but are also self-critical and modest.

Have you now discovered your Celtic tree horoscope and how do you feel about it? Does it apply to you, or can you not see yourself in it at all? Personally, I find the approach with trees extremely exciting and inspiring, especially because I work a lot with nature. Even if not everything applies to you, there are often suggestions and impulses that you can use for yourself.

Even though I don't have all the trees of the tree horoscope in my works, many of them are represented. Each of my pieces of jewelry, which is made from real leaves, has its own story and symbolizes the power and beauty of nature in its own way. It is fascinating to see how the different tree signs can be reflected in my creations and how they can enable the wearer to connect with their own personality and with nature.

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