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Maple leaf pendant silver Sale price€220
Maple leaf pendant gold Sale price€300
Silver brooch maple Sale price€230
Maple leaf pendant gold Sale price€310
Maple leaf earrings gold Sale price€290
Maple Earrings Gold Sale price€310
Silver brooch maple Sale price€230
Maple leaf pendant silver Sale price€250
Maple Stud Earrings Gold Sale price€290
Maple leaf pendant silver Sale price€240

Welcome to my exquisite collection of maple leaf jewelry! Each of my handmade jewelry pieces has been crafted from real maple leaves with great care and attention to detail and is a truly unique work of art.

Maple leaf jewelry made from real leaves

The maple leaf represents grace, beauty and a deep connection with nature. It is a timeless and elegant inspiration that I have brought to life in my jewelry. As an experienced artisan, I have artfully captured the delicate details and filigree structure of the maple leaf to create jewelry that reflects the natural beauty of this symbolic leaf.

My collection includes a variety of jewelry including pendants, earrings, rings and bracelets crafted from high quality silver and gold. Each piece has been created with precision and dedication to ensure its unique aesthetic and quality.

Connecting with nature | Maple leaf jewelry

With my maple leaf jewelry, you can express your connection with nature while emphasizing your personal style. Whether as a special gift for a loved one or as an expression of your own individuality - my jewelry will inspire you with its timeless elegance and symbolic meaning.

Immerse yourself in the fascinating world of the maple leaf and discover the diversity of my jewelry collection. Each piece tells its own story and carries the beauty of nature within it. I invite you to choose your perfect companion and bring a piece of timeless elegance into your life.

Experience the magic of the maple leaf in my exclusive jewelry collection and let yourself be enchanted by its grace and symbolism. Immerse yourself in my world of the maple leaf and find the perfect piece of jewelry that will make your personality shine.