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Determine ring size | Quick and easy

What ring size do I have?

Determine ring size

You like one of my rings in the online shop - but you don't know your ring size?

Determining the correct ring size is very easy.
Here I present you 4 different ways with which you can determine your ring size in a quick and uncomplicated way.

The first option is to measure the inner diameter of one of your rings.

For the second option, you need a thread or tape to measure your ring size.

For the third option, you print out my instructions and measure a ring that fits you well.

The fourth option is the Multisizer, which you can order and measure your ring size. When you place your order, you will also receive a refund of the purchase price.

Ringgröße ermitteln: mit einem Lineal geht das ganz leicht

version 1

Measure ring size with a ruler

To find your ring size, you need a ring that fits you well and a ruler. You put the ring on the ruler and measure the inner diameter of the ring in millimeters. Then you need to multiply this value by 3.14 to find your ring size. For example, if the inner diameter of your ring is 17.5 mm, then you multiply that by 3.14 and you get 55 mm inner circumference. This also means that your ring size is 55. That's all you need to do to measure your ring size. I hope you have fun choosing your ring!

Ringgrösse ermitteln: nimm eine Schnur oder ein Band

Variant 2

Determine ring size with string or tape

If you don't have a suitable ring that you can measure, then use a ribbon or string. Simply put this around your finger and mark the place where it overlaps. Then cut the string there and you can measure the circumference, which is also the ring size. Make sure that the circumference of the string fits over your ankle. This works best with two people! So ask your husband, boyfriend or girlfriend to help you. Now you can choose your favorite ring.

Ringgröße ermitteln: mit meiner Schablonenanleitung ist das ganz einfach

Variant 3

Determine ring size with templates

If you have a ring that fits you well, then print out my instructions with the templates. Now place your ring over the templates until the size of the ring exactly matches the template underneath. The number under the template is your ring size, it's that easy to determine your ring size. Now you can choose your ring in the online shop!

Ringgröße ermitteln: ein paar Tipps um perfekt zu messen

Tips for measuring

your optimal ring size

Our ring size changes throughout the day, so it is helpful to check this when measuring and perhaps measure in the morning and evening and compare these values.

The wider a ring is, the more space, or circumference, it needs. As a small guide, I always say 1 size per 1 centimeter of width. If you have a ring size of 54 when measured with a narrow ring or band, then choose size 55 or 56 for the sage leaf ring, which has a width of just under 2 cm, so that it can fit well around your finger and doesn't pinch. If you have any more questions, feel free to write to me.

Ringgröße ermitteln: bestell dir den Multisizer

Variant 4

Order the Multisizer

If you are not at all sure and would like to be able to measure your fingers easily at any time, then order the Multisizer from my shop. This works like a belt and shows you your ring size on the magnifying glass at the top.

It costs 1 euro plus shipping costs, but you will receive the entire purchase price including shipping costs as a voucher with the Multisizer and can then redeem this when you purchase your ring.

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Secretly determine ring size

A ring as a surprise gift

Would you like to give your loved one a ring but don't know her ring size? Then you can quickly measure the ring size using option 1 - a ruler and a well-fitting ring. Or you can print out the instructions and use the well-fitting ring and the templates to quickly determine the ring size.

This is how you measure your ring size quickly and easily.