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ein Erinnerungsstück vom eigenen Blatt

a special souvenir

a souvenir from your sheet

A unique souvenir

The souvenir from the real leaf

Immerse yourself in a world of memories and create a unique piece of jewelry that will forever connect you with a special person and an unforgettable time. Let me create a valuable keepsake from a leaf of your beloved tree or shrub that tells your personal story.

Maybe this tree brings back a very special childhood memory in you. Under its protective canopy of leaves, you and your mum spent hours reading, chatting and being tender. Or this tree was the silent witness of family celebrations that were held under its green canopy of leaves and reminds you of happy and carefree times. Maybe it was the bush in which you always hid when you played catch or hide and seek with your brother and it brings back the thrill of adventure and secrets.

This keepsake, made from a leaf from your tree or shrub, will become a precious symbol of your unique connection to that special time and person. It will always remind you how strong the bonds between you and your loved ones are and how precious these shared moments are.

The magic of memory

A loving keepsake

Let's create together that piece of jewelry that tells your story and brings your memories to life. Every detail is carefully designed to capture the magic of that moment. It is a loving keepsake that you can always carry with you and that will remind you of the meaningful moments in your life.

Let us immortalize this unique connection to your tree or shrub in an artistic piece of jewelry. It will become a symbol of love, happiness and precious memories that will stay with you for a lifetime. Order your personal keepsake from your own leaf now and let us bring your story to life together.

Lindenblatt Anhänger in Silber vom echten Blatt, schaffe dein eigenes Erinnerungsstück

Create connection

An unforgettable gift

This unique piece of jewelry, made from a leaf of a beloved tree or shrub, is not only a precious memory for you, but also a perfect gift for a special person in your life. It is a way to immortalize shared experiences and precious moments in the form of a unique piece of jewelry.

Perhaps you have gone on numerous hikes with this loved one and then relaxed in the garden under the shady linden tree. A piece of jewelry made from a leaf from this tree would symbolize the bond you shared during this time together and would be an unforgettable gift.

Birkenblatt Anhänger in Silber vom echten Blatt, dein eigenes Erinnerungsstück

Close to nature and sustainable

Precious souvenir

Or remember the moment you proposed to your wife under a majestic birch tree. Give her a memento of this special moment in the form of a personalized leaf jewelry piece. It will not only make her eyes light up, but also express the deep bond between the two of you.

There is also the option of making unique keepsakes for you and your siblings from the ivy bush planted at your parents' grave. Each individual leaf tells a story, recalls loving memories and becomes a precious memento of the beloved parents who are always in your hearts.

ein besonderes Erinnerungsstück das Verbundenheit schafft
ein Erinnerungsstück vom eigenen Blatt

personal and individual

Common memories

This personal and individual piece of jewelry becomes a gift that goes far beyond material values. It is a symbol of love, connection and unforgettable moments that remain alive in the heart of each individual. Surprise that special person in your life with a keepsake from your own sheet of paper and show them how important they are to you.

Let's transform these unique stories and memories into artistic leaf jewelry that touches hearts and captures unforgettable moments. Order this extraordinary gift now and give your loved one a keepsake that will be meaningful forever.

your souvenir

Instructions for your leaf jewelry

  • the leaf must be fresh
  • 3-5 leaves should be collected
  • quickly collect in a plastic bag
  • send quickly