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Article: A supporter of your own paper

Ein Anhänger vom eigenen Blatt, ein einzigartiges Blattschmuckstück

A supporter of your own paper

I have always been fascinated by the magic of nature and the unique beauty it creates. It is a privilege to work with the gifts of nature and to create wonderful pieces of jewelry from them. In the course of my work as a jewelry designer, I have been able to accompany numerous customers and make their very own jewelry dreams come true. But one thing has always fascinated me in particular: making pendants from leaves that I have collected myself.

It is a very special experience when customers hand over their own hand-picked leaves for a piece of jewelry with shining eyes and full of pride. Each individual leaf tells its own story and it is an honor for me to bring these stories to life through my art.

It's the little details that make the difference. The unique shapes, delicate vein patterns and vibrant colors of the leaves create one-of-a-kind works of art that can be worn gracefully around the neck or wrist. Each piece is carefully crafted by hand to preserve the uniqueness of the leaf and highlight its natural beauty.

What makes these leaf pendants so special is the individual meaning they hold for their owners. They are mementos of special moments, of places of peace and happiness, of times of change and growth. Each pendant is a symbol of connection with nature and a reminder that we are part of a greater whole.

When I see my customers wearing their leaf pendants with pride and joy, it fills me with deep gratitude. It is a privilege to appreciate nature in all its beauty and to express this beauty in the form of unique jewelry. If you too would like to transform your own leaf into a very special piece of jewelry, then let's embark on this wonderful journey together. Let's tell the stories of the leaves and capture their uniqueness in an everlasting way. Together we create pieces of jewelry that come from the heart and that will enchant forever.

A supporter of your own paper

No matter the reason - be it as a memory of a loved one or for a special occasion - the inspiration for your own leaf pendant was always varied and unique.

four-leaf clover in gold, customer request

Sometimes the reason lies in a very specific bush or tree, under which perhaps an unforgettable marriage proposal was made. Or it is a rare leaf that I don't have or that I haven't found yet, such as a four-leaf clover.

I am absolutely thrilled every time I receive such special and unique commissions, as they allow me to learn about new leaves and develop in fascinating ways. Recently I had the pleasure of making a stunning pendant out of a tulip tree leaf for the first time.

It is a truly inspiring experience when I discover the individual stories and special meanings behind the leaf pendants. Each leaf tells its own story and becomes a unique work of art that will accompany its owner forever.

The diversity of nature is infinite and I am incredibly grateful to have the opportunity to immortalize this diversity in my jewelry. Every new commission opens up a world of new discoveries and creative challenges for me. It is a true joy to express my passion for jewelry and nature in each individual leaf pendant.

So if you have a special leaf that you would like to turn into a unique piece of jewelry, then let me be a part of it. Together we will create a work of art that tells your story and will inspire you every day.

Elm leaves pendant in silver, customer request

If you have now come up with the idea of ​​having your own leaf pendant made, then please contact me.

Instructions for your own leaf jewelry

  • fresh leaves (not pressed or dried)
  • 3-5 leaves in the size of the piece of jewelry you envision
  • pay attention to the integrity of the leaves
  • Pack them in a plastic bag with a zip and create an air cushion
  • send in a box
  • send it by express at the beginning of the week or bring it to me quickly

The freshness of the leaves is crucial. It is of utmost importance that the leaves are absolutely fresh because dried or pressed leaves cannot be processed. If I tried to use them, they would crumble and we would not be able to make a beautiful piece of jewelry out of them.

Have real leaves from your own garden made into jewelry

For best results, I recommend picking 4-6 leaves in the desired pendant size. Make sure the leaves are free of tears or creases and are completely intact. The pendant will look exactly like the leaf you choose.

Pack leaves well

Then place the leaves in an airtight plastic bag. Before closing the bag, add a little air to create a little cushion. This will prevent the leaves from being compressed and will keep them nicely preserved.

collect and pack your own leaves

After carefully sealing the plastic bag, place it in a sturdy shipping box. Please do not use envelopes or padded mailers as these could potentially crush or damage the leaves. Then take the shipping box to the post office and send it to me by express mail. It is advisable to do this at the beginning of the week rather than on Thursday or Friday to ensure that the leaves do not dry out over the weekend.

The durability of the leaves during shipping obviously depends on the type of leaf. The thicker and firmer a leaf is, the longer it will stay fresh. A sage leaf, for example, is more robust than a delicate four-leaf clover. For this reason, it is very important to ship the leaves immediately after picking to maintain their freshness.

Wrap your own leaves for a unique piece of jewelry

After you have completed the shipping, it will take about 2-4 weeks until you have your custom-made pendant, bracelet or earrings made from your own leaf in your hands. The exact time depends on the complexity of the design and the craftsmanship involved.

In addition to pendants, you also have the option of making a unique bracelet or elegant earrings from your leaf. You can design the piece of jewelry according to your wishes and preferences. Be inspired by the variety of possibilities and wear a unique work of art that reflects your connection to nature.

There is also a short video with instructions on how to best pack your leaves:

The costs depend on the type of jewelry, its size and the complexity of the leaf. I will give you a detailed answer when you ask.

I look forward to hearing from you and your paper.

See you soon!

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