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Article: Buy handmade products from Austria online

Handgemachte Produkte aus Österreich online kaufen

Buy handmade products from Austria online

Products that are still lovingly handcrafted in a small factory today are something very special.

Buy handmade products from Austria in our online shop

They are unique and tell a story about their creation and the craftswoman/artist who created them.

At the moment, due to the situation that there are no markets or fairs where you can find these things, it has become a bit difficult to buy great handmade products.

But the producers of these hand-made works often have online shops, and I have now put together a few for you. These are primarily online shops of producers I know. I met most of them at markets or trade fairs. They were often nice stand neighbors for 2-3 days and accompanied me throughout the day.

Here are some great labels and their handmade products in alphabetical order.

Bless this mess

Bless this Mess - Maria Breitenberger

A fashion label of a different kind. Maria Breitenberger founded her own company out of a love of design and craftsmanship. The company creates fashion with charm, and sustainability is just as important to Maria as extravagant details. She is also a passionate textile designer and creates her own patterns, which she then prints on fabrics. Bless this mess - Maria Breitenberger

Glass & Sewing

Glass & Sewing Art, Roswitha Gruber

In her studio in Berndorf, Roswitha Gruber designs and produces wonderful, one-of-a-kind glass beads with great care and attention to detail. Each bead is unique and the jewelry made from it has delighted many wearers. In addition, pretty bags, purses and other useful little items are made from a wide variety of fabrics. Glass & Sewing Art, Roswitha Gruber

Lara Lici

Lara Lici, Larissa Cuturi

This is a jewelry label that captures the beauty of the depths of the sea and translates it into modern jewelry design. Careful handwork meets high-quality, unique and lightweight materials. Larissa Cuturi, the founder and designer of Lara Lici, made her way into the fashion world via a detour and her designs are always only available in limited editions.

Lara Lici, Larissa Cuturi

La Schachtula

La Schachtula, Ulrike Eckerstorfer

You will find handmade gifts for all ages, for young and old. The handmade products are made by hand with lots of love from local natural materials. Ulrike Eckerstorfer is the founder of La Schachtel and has created a wonderful gift label through her love of quality and regionality.

La Schachtula, Ulrike Eckerstorfer

Moonlight Design

Moonlight Design, Gabriele Lechner

The passion of this wonderful label is loden, linen and dirndl fabric. Gabriele Lechner, the entrepreneur behind Mondschein, brings tried and tested ideas into the present day. Old knowledge and traditional craftsmanship become modern design. Tasteful home and fashion accessories are created from fine materials such as loden and linen, which are manufactured in long-standing family businesses.

Moonlight Design, Gabriele Lechner


Penelope, Birgit Weinstab

Here we have a fine porcelain label that produces striking jewelry objects and interior items for very special places in the home. Birgit Weinstabl, the artist behind Penelop Ceramic, creates each piece with great enthusiasm in Vienna and the Waldviertel.

Penelope, Birgit Weinstab


Textpoterie, Christine Mittermayr

You will discover handmade porcelain for the beauty of your everyday life. Christine Mittermayr is the ceramicist behind this unusual label. Christine lives and works in the north of Austria, more precisely in the Mühlviertel. Her studio is surrounded by meadows and forests, where she creates unique porcelain pieces for all the senses.

Textpoterie, Christine Mittermayr


Vianina, Nina Wilsmann

Maps to the heart! This label is all about illustration, creating unique city illustrations that are then made into posters and other gift products. Behind Vianina is the award-winning designer Nina Wilsmann, who manages to create new ideas about a city with her very unique maps.

Vianina, Nina Wilsmann

Take a look at the individual labels and discover your favorite products. If you are interested, get in touch with the artists - we are also happy to receive feedback and inquiries digitally.

Sage leaf ring in silver, goodrun • decorating makes you happy

goodrun • decorating makes you happy

I would also be happy if you took a look around my shop and my handmade products. You will find handmade, unique pieces of jewelry that are inspired by nature. Rings are made from leaves, earrings from branches and pendants from flower shapes. Nature is such a wonderful source of ideas that it is always very easy for me to design new pieces of jewelry.

Sage leaf earrings, goodrun, handmade products Austria

Handmade unique jewelry from Austria

My workshop and showroom are located at the foot of the Mühlviertel, surrounded by meadows and forests where I love to go with our dog Buppi. Usually I end up bringing one or two finds with me, because my passion for collecting means that my "treasure chest" of new ideas is always well filled.

See you soon!

Nettle pendant, goodrun, handmade products Austria

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