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Article: 10 little secrets about me

10 kleine Geheimnisse über mich

10 little secrets about me

Today I want to tell you 10 personal things about myself. Maybe I have mentioned one or two things here before and you already know them, but there are certainly some new things too.



I am a creature of habit and love to follow familiar routines and processes. This can often be very detrimental, so I have been trying to bring more flexibility into my life for some time now, because as the saying goes, the more flexible person leads and you gain more freedom and ease in your life.


As a child, I really wanted to be a gardener. Today I don't know exactly why, but the career choice itself stuck with me. Even though I can't really imagine it anymore, my current vocation has a lot to do with nature and the garden. Funnily enough, that brings us full circle.


My favorite vegetable is asparagus and in spring I can't wait to see the first asparagus spears at the market or in the shop. I love to use it to make asparagus risotto and I also really like any other asparagus dish.


As a child and as a teenager, I was a real bookworm and I devoured one book after another. One of my favorite afternoon activities was to lie on my bed and read. Today, I don't have or take as much time to read, but prefer to listen to a podcast or an audio book.


It wasn't until 5 years ago that I realized I was a real dog person. As a child, we had all kinds of small animals. Starting with turtles, rabbits, zebra finches and the odd cat. But my parents never wanted a dog, even though they had a dog themselves when they were children.

But now, as you probably know, I am the proud dog mom of our Buppi and can no longer imagine life without a dog.


Creativity was probably something I was born with. From a young age I was always doing crafts, painting, crocheting and knitting. Everything I could create with my hands always gave me great joy. It was therefore always clear to me that my future career should have something to do with creativity.

Originally it was tailoring and as a child I sewed a lot for my dolls and Barbies. Later, of course, for myself. After the fashion college and the Esmod in Munich, I wanted to return home and started working in graphic design. For a long time I created graphic designs, first as an employee and later as a freelancer. I really enjoyed that for a long time.

But at some point I wanted to create more things with my own hands again and that's how I ended up making jewelry.


I love cooking. When I have enough time and leisure, it is often great fun and I also like to try new things. Although I have to admit that although I love reading recipes and looking at them and tasting them, I am more of an experimental cook. Having to cook strictly according to a recipe is more of a punishment than a pleasure for me. That is why I prefer sour cuisine, as it allows me to experiment more.


Sport is murder! That was my motto for a long time. Even when I was at school, I didn't really enjoy PE lessons. But even though I'm still not an athlete today, I love my daily hour-long brisk walks with the dog. About three years ago, my neighbors introduced me to yoga, which I now do in a group at least once a week.


I am very, very afraid of heights! When I am in higher buildings I almost break out in a sweat and get a real tingling sensation in my hands and feet. I also have a fear of flying. My goal is to get rid of this fear of flying, as I have so many holiday destinations that are further away and can only be reached by plane.

And finally, there is a very personal detail from me:


I am very hypochondriac and compassionate. That's why it's always bad when other people tell me about their physical ailments and problems, because I then tend to transfer that onto myself on a regular basis.

As faith is known to move mountains, I also had severe hip pain before my mother's first hip surgery. Therefore, I try to avoid such stories and tales whenever possible so that they don't get passed on to me!

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