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Article: 4 reasons why I work with bronze

4 Gründe warum ich mit Bronze arbeite

4 reasons why I work with bronze

I am often asked why I work with bronze?

First of all, it is a metal alloy. Bronze does not occur as a metal in nature. No. Bronze consists of two metals: copper and tin. Roughly speaking, you can say it is 90% copper and 10% tin. Depending on the color, this ratio can vary slightly.

There are several reasons why I work with bronze.

4 reasons why I work with bronze - and why you should wear bronze jewelry

4 reasons why I work with bronze

The color of bronze is very earthy

At first glance, bronze may seem very golden. But at second glance, you can see that bronze has a warmer and more earthy tone than gold. Gold appears more present, i.e. more intrusive. Bronze is much warmer and more reserved due to its more brownish tone. I therefore think that this color goes very well with my nature-inspired jewelry. That is why I like using bronze.

Working with bronze is very beautiful

A second reason is that I really enjoy working with the material itself. It can be structured very finely and is very pleasant to work with. In addition, because it is harder than silver, it is also very robust and can therefore be worked with very finely.

4 reasons why I work with bronze

Important when wearing bronze jewelry

If you own a piece of bronze jewelry, you should make sure to keep it "dry". I generally recommend this for all jewelry. So always take your bronze ring off when washing your hands, showering or swimming. Do not leave the bronze jewelry in the bathroom or other damp rooms. This is because the moisture encourages the jewelry to become dull or grey. The water or moisture will cause your bronze jewelry to tarnish more quickly.

4 reasons why I work with bronze

The high copper content in bronze is also responsible for your bronze jewelry turning dark or greenish when you wear it. This is due to the acetic acid that we secrete in sweat when it gets warmer. Depending on the nature of our sweat, this can occur more or less in some people. This gray or green coloring of bronze is comparable to the black coloring of silver; it is not toxic, it is just unsightly. You can also easily remove it with a jewelry cleaning cloth. If the surface of your jewelry is more structured and you are having trouble getting it off with the jewelry cleaning cloth, you can also use an old toothbrush with a little toothpaste. Warm water with a little soapy water also works. Never use acetic or citric acid to clean. These acids are precisely what promote this gray or green effect and, in their concentrated form, also damage the material.

4 reasons why I work with bronze

Little trick with rings

If you are one of those women whose fingers turn grey when you wear a bronze ring, then I have a little tip or quick trick for you. First, clean your bronze ring with warm water and a mild soap solution. Then let it dry thoroughly and then simply apply a layer of base or top coat from your nail polish to the ring. This will prevent your finger from turning black and it is completely harmless to you and the ring.

We hope you continue to enjoy wearing your bronze jewelry.

See you soon.

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