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Article: Fantastically beautiful pendants made from real leaves!

Traumhaft schöne Anhänger aus echten Blättern!

Fantastically beautiful pendants made from real leaves!

What does autumn mean to you? Mild weather? Beautiful light? Colorful leaves?

Jewelry pendant made of real leaves

Yes, the colorful leaves are a wonderful sight every year, but unfortunately, when the autumn storm has swept them from the trees, they are simply scattered on the ground and the trees are left bare.

Many different leaves as pendants

Since I am particularly fond of the leaves, you will now find many various leaf pendants in silver as pendants.

The leaf pendants are also all made of ECO silver and In this article you can read exactly what what this silver is all about.

Leaf pendant made of real leaves

The most diverse leaves, starting of course with the sage leaf pendant, vine leaves, hop leaves, lady's mantle leaves, yes and many more - just take a look at it now.

Each leaf has its own unique beauty and structure, and I can capture these shapes and structures very precisely in many thin layers and thus preserve them for eternity.

Also fits wonderfully a sage leaf ring to these unique leaf pendants.

Jewelry pendant from real leaf

A leaf pendant around the neck always fits, for every occasion and for every style of clothing. You can wear the pendants around your neck in a variety of lengths.

A leaf pendant upon customer request

I would also be happy to make you a leaf pendant from your power tree or your favorite tree.

Jewelry pendant from real leaf

For this I need 3 - 5 nice and fresh leaves from the tree or bush. Please put these straight into a sealable plastic bag with a little air - so that a kind of cushion is created.

Then quickly take them to the post office (please not before the weekend - otherwise the papers will be at the post office for too long) and send them to me as soon as possible!

I am always happy to fulfill special customer requests.

Large selection of trailers

But even so, you will find a Great selection of different leaf pendants in my shop and there is sure to be something suitable for you.

Jewelry pendant from real leaf

In addition, the collection is constantly being expanded, as there are so many great leaves and I roam the meadows and through the forests with my Buppi every day and a few leaves usually find their way to my studio.

You now get With each of your orders you will receive a good sage tea from Sonnentor - just the right companion for autumn!

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