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Silver earrings, wear real leaves directly on your ears

In the midst of a beautiful landscape, surrounded by trees and flowers, we often make the most beautiful discoveries. Whether it is a small stream gently flowing past or a bird singing in the trees - these moments remain in our memories forever. And sometimes we even find something very special that reminds us of that day.

Imagine you are walking on a sunny day and you find some beautiful leaves on the ground. You pick them up and look at their delicate structure, their distinctive shape and their natural beauty. You take them home and keep them as a memory of that special day.

Now imagine that you could always carry this memory with you, in the form of a handmade earring made from real leaves. My earrings are all unique pieces, made from silver and silver gold plated, and each of them is made from a real leaf. Each silver earring is unique and has its own story to tell.

My handmade silver earrings are not only beautiful to look at, but also environmentally friendly and sustainable. By using real leaves from nature, we help preserve the beauty and value of our environment. Each earring is a small work of art, made by hand and reflecting nature in all its beauty and elegance.

With my earrings made of real leaves, you can express your love for nature and wear a unique piece of jewelry that no other woman has. Whether you wear them to the office, on a special occasion or just in everyday life, they will always be a topic of conversation and remind you of beautiful and relaxing walks in nature.

Discover my handmade earrings made from real leaves and find your very own unique piece made from silver or silver gold plated. Each earring is unique and is made by me with great attention to detail. I am proud to offer my customers only the best handmade jewelry that nature has to offer.

High-quality and hand-crafted designer art

I think you have to put in a bit of effort to capture true magic. That's why I work in a special way in my jewelry workshop: I collect the leaves for the earrings in nature beforehand and then cast them directly in silver. That's why my earrings are not imitations or simply inspired by nature, no, they are themselves a true piece of nature in all its fascination and beauty.

Each earring comes from a leaf that was originally hanging on a tree or bush. That's why all my studs and earrings are handmade and unique. I also work by hand and dedicate all my attention and love to each earring. That way, you get elegant and unique earrings that will make you sparkle like a glowing forest through which the autumn sun shines.

Unique jewellery: Each earring is unique

Each of my pieces of jewelry is unique and distinctive, just as each leaf is one of a kind. And nature itself ensures this, because it is not only wild and beautiful, but the most creative force I know of. If you are taking a walk in the forest or in the park and are standing under a tree, whether it is a linden, an oak, a chestnut or a beech, then find three leaves and look at them closely: Do you see how different they are?

The coloring, the course of the leaf veins, even the shape, differ in small features. There are thousands of them, but none is exactly like the other! I find this thought incredibly fascinating and heartwarming, because what applies to leaves also applies to us humans. We look similar, but everyone has their own, beautiful characteristics, maybe even the odd quirk or edge, but that is exactly what makes them so distinctive and lovable.

When you wear my earrings and studs, I hope you also feel that you are someone who, just as you are, is beautiful and perfect and cannot be found anywhere else in the world.