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Unique, natural and radiantly beautiful

7 reasons why handmade jewelry from goodrun always suits you

Jewelry is not only chic and elegant, but it also tells stories. It not only makes us beautiful, but also makes us feel unique. I love that jewelry not only looks pretty, but can also symbolize good luck and protection. And who doesn't want their favorite pieces to spread positive vibes?

In my range you will find something special: natural jewellery, handmade by me and inspired by nature. Nature itself is at work here! This jewellery is not only unique, but also suits every occasion and every age group.

Let's transform the magic of nature into jewelry together. Stop by and find your perfect piece!

Du bist einzigartig – genau wie meine Schmuckstücke

Reason 1

You are unique - just like my jewelry

Whether it's a pendant, earring, stud or bracelet - each of my pieces of jewelry is unique. Why is that? Not only is every person unique, it's the same in nature: every leaf, every blossom, every pattern on a tree bark is unique. Since I take my jewelry directly from the leaves of trees and flowers, my range only includes one-of-a-kind pieces of jewelry. Each piece is unique, every leaf, every blossom in all its beauty is unique - just like the wearer.

Mein Versprechen: die Hohe Qualität meiner Schmuckunikate

Reason 2

A special eye-catcher for every occasion

Whether it's a wedding, baptism, business dinner or Christmas party - with a golden olive leaf, a silver lady's mantle or a bronze flower ring you will shine on every occasion.

Maybe you'll even be the secret center of attention of the evening! Find your personal piece of jewelry with me that you can wear anywhere and at any time and that will make your natural beauty sparkle. Because natural jewelry is timeless and always fits!

Reason 3

Leaves and flowers are suitable for all ages

If you choose my special natural jewelry, it doesn't matter whether you are 16, 32 or 74 years old. Leaves and flowers adorn every woman, they emphasize our inner beauty and show our connection with nature.

In my selection you can also find your favorite piece that can accompany you in every situation, through many days and years. My leaf jewelry is extraordinary, just as every woman is extraordinary and wonderful.

Reason 4

Close to nature and sustainable

You can probably imagine that I don't just work with nature, but that I love and want to protect our flora. I love being in my garden, breathing in the scent of sage and lemon balm, I love standing under a mighty old linden tree and feeling its power, or touching the strong leaves of an oak tree.

I am happy when I am out in nature. And that is why I want to preserve and protect it. My leaf jewelry is not only made in collaboration with nature. All pieces are durable and sustainably produced, without plastic or chemical essences. Because it is very important to me that our children and grandchildren also enjoy flowers and trees.

Reason 5

My promise: high quality

I pursue my craft of jewelry making with great joy and attention to detail. I want my customers to be completely satisfied and to go through the day feeling happy when they wear my pendants, rings, studs and earrings.

That's why I always work with high-quality materials: quality is my top priority! My leaf jewelry is of course real jewelry and therefore has a long lifespan so that you can enjoy it for a long time.

Solides, gutes Handwerk aus Österreich

Reason 6

Solid, good craftsmanship from Austria

Linked to the sustainability of the materials is also my environmentally conscious work directly on site: My jewelry is handmade in Austria.

If you want to see for yourself how exactly I go about it, come and visit me: My workshop has a showroom where you can watch me at work. My real jewelry is created right before your eyes! Just contact me by phone or email and we can arrange an appointment. I look forward to your visit!

Gudrun Stolz | Schmuck aus Natur | lebe deine Einzigartigkeit

Reason 7

I am happy to help you: My customer service

I am proud to say that many of my clients give me positive feedback with five-star ratings and wonderful, satisfied reviews.

Of course, part of my customer service is that I am happy to give you personal advice. Come visit me in my workshop, or we can discuss over the phone which jewelry would suit you and your personality best. I really enjoy helping my customers discover their very own jewelry style, or supporting them in making their ideas and wishes a reality. And that's why I'm happy to be there for you!

My service also includes fast shipping and the option of sending the high-quality, unique pieces of jewelry as a gift with special packaging.

Handmade jewelry

Made with love for you

I hope that with these 7 reasons I have been able to awaken your curiosity and desire to try something new. For me, nature and love are two things that are closely intertwined.

And I hope that you feel this love for natural beauty and that it accompanies you throughout your days - with my natural jewelry.