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This way your jewelry will stay beautiful for a long time!

You have bought one of my handmade pieces of jewelry and now want to know how to keep it beautiful and shiny for a long time.

Care tips for your new piece of jewellery

I will now give you some tips and tricks on how you can wear your favorite piece of jewelry every day and still keep it beautiful for a long time.

1. last on - first off

You should always put your jewelry on at the end of your morning styling process and take it off first thing when you get home. This way you avoid leaving unnecessary traces of care or cosmetic products on them.

2. Clean

Clean your jewelry every time you take it off or whenever you need to. This will prevent it from tarnishing or showing signs of wear over time.

3. Storage

It is best to put your piece of jewelry in a plastic bag after wearing it. This will protect your favorite piece of jewelry from tarnishing. It is important not to leave your jewelry in a damp room, as this will encourage an unsightly patina.

4. Washing your hands

You should always remove your jewelry before washing your hands and before showering or bathing to avoid altering it with the chemicals used.

5. Leaf ornaments and coloring

Avoid contact with water, especially with leaf ornaments with special colors, as this can cause the colorful coloring to gradually return to a grayish silver tone.

6. Sage Leaf Ring

You can carefully adjust the sage leaf ring to your finger when you first put it on. However, this should only be done once, because frequent bending back and forth, as with any metal, increases the risk of it breaking.