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Schenke ein einzigartiges Schmuckstück am Valentinstag und zeige deiner Liebsten wie wichtig sie dir ist

unique, natural and radiantly beautiful

Jewellery from nature

Each piece of jewelry is unique, just like your loved one!
Give a unique, handmade piece from nature on Valentine's Day.

fairer Schmuck, Gudrun Stolz beim Löten von Ohrsteckern

handmade unique pieces

Jewellery from nature

I am Gudrun Stolz, a passionate artist with a great love of nature. That's why I have made it my mission to create unique pieces of jewelry from natural parts, such as real leaves, tree structures or natural shapes.

Nature is so diverse and every leaf and every blade of grass is magical and unique. With me you will definitely find the right gift for your loved one and can show her how important and unique she is to you.

naturverbunden und nachhaltig | Blattschmuck

Close to nature and sustainable

Leaf decoration

You can probably imagine that I don't just work with nature, but that I love and want to protect our flora. I love being in my garden, breathing in the scent of sage and lemon balm, I love standing under a mighty old linden tree and feeling its power, or touching the strong leaves of an oak tree. I am happy when I am out in nature.

And that's why I want to preserve and protect them. My leaf jewelry is not only made in collaboration with nature. All pieces are durable and sustainably produced, without plastic or chemical essences. Because it is very important to me that our children and grandchildren also enjoy flowers and trees.

Each piece of jewellery is unique

nickel-free | very skin-friendly

Made from sustainable, value-stable materials

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