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Article: 10 facts about the sage ring

10 Fakten zum Salbei Ring

10 facts about the sage ring

I am often asked questions about the sage ring: what material is it made of, is each one made from a leaf, can I adjust it, why is it open?

I have collected these frequently asked questions here and answered them for you. If you have any other questions, I would of course be happy if you get in touch and contact me .

10 facts about the sage ring

Hard Facts about the Sage Ring

Here are 10 frequently asked questions about the sage leaf ring :

What material is the sage leaf ring made of?

The ring is made either of silver (999 fine silver) or of silver (999 fine silver) and plated with 24 carat gold (this is the maximum thickness of gold to preserve the fine sage structure) or of bronze (an alloy of copper and tin).

10 facts about the sage ring

How is the structure of the ring created?

Each sage ring comes from a real leaf and is cut directly from the metal. This means that each ring comes from its own real leaf, which is then destroyed during the manufacturing process.

Every sage leaf ring - no matter what material it is made of - is a unique piece of jewelry.

How are the colors on the ring created?

Through an oxide that reacts with the silver. Here I can "let off steam" a little with the exposure time and the heat, and there are various gray, blue or red-purple tones. If the sage ring is always kept dry and stored in a plastic bag, it will retain this color for a very long time. Otherwise the tones slowly migrate to a darker, mostly grayish nuance.

If this happens to you over time because you often don't take it off to wash your hands or sometimes leave it in the bathroom, then I can happily polish it again and "color" it again.

Be aware that this "coloration" is only a temporary condition that may last longer or shorter depending on how the ring is treated.

10 facts about the sage ring

Why is the ring open?

Since the sage ring is taken from the real leaf and then brought into its ring shape, I leave the ring open to maintain the leaf resemblance.

Can the ring be adjusted in size?

Because of its open shape, the ring can be adjusted "once", meaning it is possible to carefully adjust it to your finger when you put it on for the first time, but this should only happen minimally. After that, you must leave the ring at this size, because silver or bronze is also a normal metal and can break if you bend it back and forth a lot.

10 facts about the sage ring

How to store the sage leaf ring?

Always store in a dry place and preferably in a jewelry box or a small plastic bag to preserve its colorful beauty for a long time.

How do you care for the sage ring?

If the sage leaf ring has become a little dull, simply use a silver cleaning cloth and carefully polish the surface again.

But overall, you don't have to do anything extra. What's more important is how you store it when you're not wearing it. You should put it in a jewelry box or a plastic bag.

10 facts about the sage ring

How do you find the right size?

You can easily do this with a ring that fits well and my instructions Measure your ring size within 2 minutes. Please note that you should add 1 ring size for every centimeter of ring width. If the ring you measured is very fine and narrow, you should add 1 to 2 ring sizes for the sage ring.

What sizes is the sage ring available in?

In the shop you will find the sage ring from size 48 to size 65. If you want it smaller or larger, or if it is just the case that a ring size is not in stock, then please send a message .

For special sizes below ring size 48 or above ring size 65, an additional production fee of 40 euros will be charged.

How sensitive is the sage ring?

If the size is right and it fits around your finger like a band, it is not only very comfortable to wear, it is also wonderfully stable and robust. Its leaf-like finish makes it great to wear and it won't go wrong with gloves and the like in summer or winter.

The only thing he doesn't like is when he is constantly bent, because silver is also a metal and if it is bent too often it can break.

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