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Article: 9 things you should know about the lime tree

Lindenblatt Anhänger und Lindenblatt Ohrhänger in Silber

9 things you should know about the lime tree

The tree of lovers, the tree of togetherness, where singing, dancing and celebrating take place under the green canopy of leaves, the tree under which court was held, whose leaves and flowers have healing powers and were presented in proud family coats of arms: we are talking about the linden tree.

You will often see their linden leaves when you look at my leaf jewelry. And that is no coincidence: when I make my jewelry from leaves, I often have many wonderful thoughts in my head.

Today I would like to tell you why I like to use linden leaves so much for my natural jewelry: based on 9 captivating and enchanting facts about this wonderful, gentle tree.

9 fascinating facts about Linden

Linden leaf pendant in silver

1. The Tree of Love

If you go for a walk, you will immediately recognize the linden leaf by its shape: linden leaves look like small, green hearts.

This is why this tree has always been a meeting place for lovers. Many couples swear eternal love under the linden tree and carve their initials into the soft bark. The scent of the linden blossoms in spring is stunning and was considered an aphrodisiac hundreds of years ago.

This is probably why the Germanic peoples dedicated this tree to their goddess Freija, who protected lovers and brought peace. And so I also have the feeling that I am giving a little love into the world when I use the delicate linden leaves for my leaf jewelry .

Linden leaf earrings made of real leaves in silver

2. “… where we find ourselves under linden trees in the evening”: The village linden tree

“There is no more beautiful country in this time of year than ours, far and wide, where we find ourselves under the linden trees in the evening.” (Anton Wilhelm von Zuccalmaglio, around 1840).

The old folk song from the 19th century tells us how people in earlier times met under their village linden tree. They talked to each other about their day, sang songs and sometimes celebrated happy festivals.

These old trees can often still be found in the square in the middle of the village. They are also often planted on the side of the road - there are linden tree avenues in villages, towns and sometimes as old country roads. People liked to gather under the wide branches of this tree. It is even said that it drives away evil spirits and thus brings out the good in us humans. A wonderful thought, don't you think?

Linden leaf pendant made of silver, a handmade unique piece from the real leaf

3. The Court Tree

In Germanic times, it was traditional in many places to settle disputes under linden trees: Since the tree was considered the seat of the goddess Freija, who brought peace, the Germanic people believed that the truth would be revealed under the linden tree. Isn't it fascinating what good and strong power was attributed to linden trees? And can't this power be transferred to someone who wears silver or gold jewelry made of leaves?

Linden leaf earrings, made from real linden leaves in silver

4. Interesting facts about heraldry

Both individual linden leaves and the entire tree can be found in numerous local and family coats of arms. Do you know the coat of arms of Carinthia? Along with a few other symbols, it features a helmet with two golden buffalo horns. Five small poles extend from each of the two horns, each of which has three linden leaves on it. People who know heraldry say that the colors and symbols on the coats of arms are not generally fixed, but were chosen by the person who designed the coat of arms. But I can well imagine that linden trees, as trees of love, friendship and honesty, still appeal to our Carinthian compatriots today, because these are qualities that we Austrians value in each other, aren't they?

Linden leaf pendant made of real silver leaf

5. Gelinde, Linda, Linden: So many Linden words!

The love and gentleness that is supposed to emanate from the linden trees can also be found in many names and words. "The evening is so gentle" may sound a bit old-fashioned, but the expression "to say the least" is probably still in use here and there. For me, the names Rosalinde, Gerlinde and Linda always have something natural, friendly and lovable about them.

Place names like “Linden” or “Lindenberg” immediately conjure up an image of idyllic houses in a peaceful hilly landscape in my mind’s eye.

Sometimes I think that words are like jewelry: Nomen est omen! Handmade jewelry, made with dedication and love, is a personal gift that wants to tell you: This natural jewelry is not only handmade, it also belongs to you, just like your name.

Linden leaf earrings in silver

6. “You good linden tree, shake yourself!”: Fairy tales, legends and poems

Many of you will certainly know the old legend of Siegfried, who defeated the dragon and then bathed in its blood, which would have made him invulnerable - had a tiny linden leaf not fallen on his shoulder! This left a small piece of skin unprotected, and that led to the hero's misfortune.

Linden trees and linden leaves often appear in fairy tales, myths and of course in poems about love: from the medieval minstrel Walther von der Vogelweide to Johann Wolfgang von Goethe and Friedrich Rückert and even a woman I particularly admire: Annette von Droste-Hülshoff. As a woman at the end of the 18th century, she prevailed in her passion for writing, although her family tried her whole life to force her into the traditional tasks of women. It even went so far that her family members badmouthed her poems and stories at every turn! But Annette did not let her dream be taken away from her and continued writing. And so we still have these wonderful lines from her for a hot summer day:
“You good linden tree, shake yourself!
A little air, a weak west!
If not, then close your branches
So close that leaf presses against leaf…”

Linden leaf earrings from real leaf in silver

7. Healing tea from linden blossom

In ancient times, it was believed that wearing certain amulets and talismans would also cure illnesses. Well, I'm a little undecided about such things. But you could perhaps say that wearing leaf jewelry makes you feel good. And positive feelings like joy are said to help you get healthy. Linden blossom tea helps to cure various ailments in a natural way: it is diaphoretic and antispasmodic and can therefore be used to treat coughs and flu. A tea made from linden blossom also helps to calm the body if you have high blood pressure. My handmade jewelry is also inspired by these healing powers of the linden tree.

Linden leaf pendant in silver

8. Pain and stress subside: The lime blossom bath

Not only does tea help with various ailments, linden blossoms in bath water also have an effect on this and that ailment. For example, gout patients report that a linden blossom bath has - well, a little play on words: relieved their pain. Anyone who has trouble falling asleep or generally feels overstimulated can also add some of the healing flowers to their bath water and will finally be able to sleep restfully and deeply again. Sometimes I find it really amazing what nature offers us to help us live a more pleasant life.

Linden leaf earrings, made from real small linden leaves in silver

9. Breathe deeply and find yourself! The healing sitting under linden trees

My last point may sound a bit esoteric to some people, but there is actually scientific research that shows that the essential oils contained in many trees have their healing effects if you simply walk beneath them or sit quietly under the wide branches and breathe deeply.

For some it may still be a question of faith whether this helps. I think it doesn't hurt to try. So next time you feel stressed, look for linden trees and sit in their shade and enjoy the rustling of the linden leaves. Breathe in the sweet scent deeply, maybe even close your eyes for a few minutes.

I wish that you will find peace and inner serenity.
And if there are no linden trees nearby, then perhaps one of my bracelets or earrings in the shape of linden leaves will help you. They are all handmade and contain all the love that mysteriously wafts towards us from the leaves of the linden trees.

Linden leaf pendant made from real leaf in silver

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