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Fairer Schmuck - faires Silber - Recyclingsilber
fairer Schmuck, handgefertigt von mir in Altenberg, Oberösterreich
Ahornblatt Anhänger Silber

Gudrun Stolz | Artist

Fair jewellery | handmade

I make my jewelry by hand in my workshop in Upper Austria. It is important to me which raw materials I use. I think it is essential to preserve our planet ecologically, if possible.

That's why I mainly work with recycled silver. Precious metals are chemically stable and do not arise through natural processes. They are available in limited quantities. We should therefore handle these valuable resources carefully.

fairer Schmuck, Salbeiblatt Anhänger Silber
fairer Schmuck, Salbei Ring Silber Gr. 57

Fair jewellery

Recycled silver

Most of the silver I use comes from old photographic plates and films used in hospitals and photo studios, or from the waste from the jewelry manufacturing and dental industries. These sources generate large amounts of waste that can be recycled and reused.

It fills me with joy to be able to make another contribution to protecting the environment. Since nature is very important to me and my jewelry is often inspired by its beauty, it is important to me to use sustainable materials.

fairer Schmuck - Salbei Armspange Silber
fairer Schmuck und seine Bedeutung für die Welt

the meaning

of Fair Jewellery

Fair jewelry production is not just a trend, but an ethical obligation. The meaning of fair jewelry goes far beyond the shiny exterior. It is about the origin of the raw materials, the working conditions of the people who mine and process them, and the ecological impact of production.

Wearing fair trade jewelry means taking responsibility and ensuring that neither people nor the environment are exploited. It means that workers are fairly paid and work in safe conditions. It also means that raw materials are extracted in a sustainable manner without damaging the environment or depleting natural resources.

fairer Schmuck, Ginkgo Rhodochrosit Ohrhänger Silber
fairer Schmuck, Salbei Ohrhänger Prehnite Silber

sustainable jewelry

traditional craftsmanship

In addition, fair trade jewellery helps to support local communities by creating jobs and supporting traditional crafts. It tells stories of cultures and traditions and creates a connection between the wearer and the people and places it comes from.

In a world where consumption often comes at the expense of others, fair jewelry is gaining importance as a symbol of ethical action and conscious consumption. It is a way to enjoy beauty without compromising on our values. Fair jewelry is not only beautiful to look at, but also good for the conscience.

fairer Schmuck, Gudrun Stolz beim Löten von Ohrsteckern
Gudrun Stolz | Schmuck aus Natur | lebe deine Einzigartigkeit

Fair jewellery production

a look behind the scenes

Welcome to Altenberg, a tranquil place in Upper Austria where I live. Our house is nestled in a lush garden that offers an abundance of leaves that I use for my jewelry. If I can't find the right leaf in my own garden, I roam the nearby meadows or the adjacent forests. Sometimes my search even takes me to the banks of the Danube floodplains or further into the Mühlviertel.

Once I have found the perfect leaves, I bring them to my workshop where they are carefully selected and prepared. They are then molded in recycled silver. This process requires patience and precision, as each layer of silver is carefully applied to the real leaf. It is a laborious process that takes time until the leaf is completely molded.

fairer Schmuck, Vierblättriger Klee Anhänger Silber
fairer Schmuck, ein Kastanienblatt Anhänger aus Recyclingsilber

What does that actually mean?

Fair trade and fair jewellery

Fair trade and fair jewelry are terms that are often used synonymously, but still have differences. Fair trade primarily refers to trade and fair treatment of the people who mine or process the raw materials. It places emphasis on fair working conditions, fair pay and social responsibility throughout the entire production chain. Fair jewelry, on the other hand, refers specifically to the jewelry industry and the process of making jewelry.

Each piece I make is carefully crafted from sustainable materials. Recycled silver allows me to minimize environmental impact while producing high-quality jewelry. The entire manufacturing practice is transparent and fair - from the selection of materials to the design of the jewelry.