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Article: Find your ring size

Finde deine Ringgrösse

Find your ring size

The perfect sage leaf ring caught your eye on my site, but you are not sure if it is the right size?

"What a pity" is the first thought...

But now I have 3 very simple solutions for you!

Measure your ring size with the Multisizer

You can order a multisizer . This makes it child's play to measure your ring size. The multisizer is like a small belt that you put around your finger and that makes it easy to determine your ring size .

You can use the Multisizer again and again to measure each finger and the best thing about it is that I'm giving you the Multisizer for free. With every Multisizer order you receive a discount code for the amount paid. In other words, you order the Multisizer for one euro plus shipping costs and you receive a voucher code for exactly this amount with your order. You can then redeem this voucher when you order your ring!

How else can you determine your ring size?

2. with a well-fitting ring on the finger you want the ring for

3. with a ribbon and your finger (it's very easy with two people)

  • Place the ribbon or cord just around the finger for which you want the ring
  • Also try to see if the band fits over your ankle.
  • mark the places where the tape meets
  • measure the length of the band to get your ring size

The right measurement

Your finger thickness can change throughout the day. Your fingers are usually thinner in the morning and a little thicker in the evening. Fingers are also sometimes thicker in summer and thinner in winter. Pay attention to these differences.

The ring finger of the left hand is usually not the same thickness as the ring finger of the right hand.

If you want to know exactly, you can come to me and I will determine your ring size for you, or you can go to a jeweler of your choice and have the size measured.

The sage leaf ring is open

In addition, the open shape of the sage ring gives you the opportunity to one-time You can make it one or two sizes bigger or smaller. But you should only do this the very first time you put it on, because silver can break if it is bent too often, just like anything else.

If you still have any questions, please feel free to contact me.

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