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Schmuck aus Österreich, handgefertigt und einzigartig, durch die Natur inspiriert

unique and individual

Jewellery from Austria

Find your individual piece of jewellery

Jewellery from Linz

Discover the world of handmade jewelry from Linz or Altenberg near Linz that is inspired by nature. Each individual piece in my unique collection tells its own story and is individual in its own way. When making the jewelry, I attach great importance to high-quality materials and make the jewelry by hand to ensure that it perfectly matches your personal wishes and ideas.

My collection includes a variety of jewelry pieces inspired by the wonderful beauty of nature. From delicate leaves to artfully designed branches and fascinating structures - each individual piece of jewelry is truly unique. I make these unique pieces with great care and attention to detail right here in Altenberg near Linz. My timeless and elegant designs are a perfect fit for every occasion and give you an aura of style and class.

No more standard gifts

Jewellery from Linz always fits perfectly

There is nothing more beautiful than wearing an individual and unique piece of jewelry from nature. Each piece tells its own story and is an expression of the personality of its wearer. My handmade jewelry from Altenberg near Linz is inspired by the beauty of nature and offers unique designs that you won't find anywhere else. The combination of high-quality materials and artistic craftsmanship makes each of my pieces of jewelry a work of art that you can wear proudly. Whether for everyday use or special occasions, the timeless and elegant design suits every outfit and occasion.

An individual piece of jewelry from my collection is also the perfect gift for a special person. Each piece of jewelry is delivered in high-quality packaging and is sure to bring joy and excitement. Discover my nature collection now and find the perfect piece of jewelry that underlines your personality or the ideal gift for someone you care about.

Each piece of jewellery is unique

nickel-free | very skin-friendly

Made from sustainable, value-stable materials

Gudrun Stolz | Schmuck aus Natur und handgefertigt in Altenberg bei Linz

Jewellery from Linz

of course handmade by me personally

As a lover of nature and jewelry making, I founded the label "GOODRUN", which offers unique and unusual jewelry from Altenberg near Linz. My designs are inspired by leaves, structures or shapes from nature and are therefore unique and individual. Each piece of jewelry is made by me personally and is therefore unique, which will accompany you through everyday life and underline your personality. I attach particular importance to the quality and sustainability of my unique jewelry. For this reason, I only use high-quality materials and make each piece of jewelry by hand. If you are looking for a piece of jewelry that is not only beautiful, but also unique and sustainable, then discover my jewelry from Altenberg near Linz now.

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