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Article: 3 women who impressed me

3 Frauen die mich beeindruckt haben

3 women who impressed me

There are three women who have impressed me in different ways in my artistic work and also in my philosophy of life. I would like to briefly introduce these three women to you today.

Vivienne Westwood

Since I studied fashion and design myself, Vivienne Westwood has always fascinated me. I think her fashion is great, even if it's not really my style. But her fashion always has a message and she wanted to make a socially critical contribution.

I am also fascinated by the way you always get to the bottom of things, find out down to the smallest detail how something was done and then perfect it even further. I think that is a very admirable quality that inspires and impresses me at the same time. I also see myself there a little - because I feel the same way, I want to get to the bottom of things, understand them and comprehend them precisely, in order to then create something new and different from them - to develop them.

Her mother was a weaver and her father a shoemaker and Vivienne has managed to become an icon of the fashion industry on her own and at the same time follow her own path and carry her message out into the world. Very admirable.

Coco Chanel

She is certainly the woman who significantly revolutionized the clothing industry and virtually reinvented it.

There are so many great and wonderful sayings from her - e.g.:

Fashion is not something that only exists in dresses. Fashion is in the sky, in the street, fashion has to do with ideas, the way we live, what is happening.

She was raised by nuns because her mother died soon after, and she too made it through her own efforts.

In the 1920s she created the "little black dress" which is still a famous classic in women's fashion and is worn by us all. She changed the style of women's clothing, corsets and other constricting undergarments were eliminated and the silhouettes of the dresses changed fundamentally.

She is still considered a great pioneer today and I admire her courage and drive.

Frida Kahlo

Who does not know her?

A Mexican painter and probably the best known and most famous painter in all of Latin America.

Despite her illness and suffering, she painted 143 pictures - 55 of which are self-portraits.

Viva la vida - Long live life - was Frida's motto and despite her constant pain, she was full of irrepressible lust for life.

She is said to have said: "Laughter is the most important thing in life." That is exactly what I like about her attitude to life. It is probably what really fascinates and impresses me about her. The happiness, even if it is not always easy, but laughter takes you further.

There are certainly many more women who are impressive and who have achieved and created special things, but I personally find these three to be really great and admirable. Not only because of their artistic activities and their creative potential, but also because of their courage, power and strength.

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