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Article: Determine the necklace length for your jewelry chain

Bestimme die Halskettenlänge für Deine Schmuck Kette

Determine the necklace length for your jewelry chain

You can order the jewelry pendant easily and conveniently in our online shop and now you would like a matching chain to go with it?

No problem, because in the shop you will also find the matching chains in silver or silver-plated to go with the leaf pendants, and in different chain lengths too.

Determine the necklace length for your jewelry chain

Which chain length is the right one?

But now you're probably wondering which chain length is right for you and how to find the best one. I'll show you here!

You can buy the chains in a number of different lengths : 36, 38, 40, 42, 45, 50, 60, 70, 80 cm. So here too, it's tough to choose!

Easily measure necklace length

First of all, you should measure and determine the circumference of your neck. You can either use a tape measure if you have one handy. Or you can take a piece of string and wrap it tightly around your neck and then measure the length. This length is then your first starting point.

To determine the length of your necklace, take a piece of string and cut it to the length you want. Then thread an existing pendant onto the string and put it around your neck. This is very simple and straightforward and you can easily test out any length you can imagine.

Classification of chain lengths

As an additional step, you can divide the chain lengths into 3 different categories:

  • Short necklaces 36 to 40 cm
  • Medium necklaces 40 to 60 cm
  • Long necklaces 60 to 100 cm

Determine the necklace length for your jewelry chain Chain length 45 cm

Short necklace lengths

For the “short” category, you should definitely measure your neck circumference. Because these are very close to the neck and can possibly restrict your breathing, which is neither comfortable nor does it look good! In addition, these short chains emphasize the neck and so you should make sure to only wear this length if you have a narrow neck. This length looks particularly good with short hairstyles or updos.

Determine the necklace length for your jewelry chain Chain length 50 cm

Medium necklace length

The medium length of chains, i.e. between 40 and 60 cm, is considered a somewhat universal length. This chain reaches roughly to the middle of the décolleté and therefore goes well with many necklines and outfits. It doesn't really matter whether you have a thick or slender neck, the length works well in both cases. This medium chain length visually stretches the neck very nicely and usually also emphasizes the pendant very nicely.

The lengths 45 and 50 cm in particular are so-called all-rounders that really go with almost every outfit and type.

Determine the necklace length for your jewelry chain Chain length 60 cm


Necklace length 60 cm

Chains with a length of 60 cm are a bit of an intermediate position, as they are not really long chains, but are no longer a medium classic length either. It is also a length that you normally cannot get around your head without opening the chain. But this length has a bit of a unique selling point and is perfect for people with slightly wider or shorter necks, as this length visually lengthens the neck very nicely.


Determine the necklace length for your jewelry chain Chain length 70 cm


Long necklace lengths

The long chains have the advantage that you don't need a clasp because they fit over your head. This length is usually more eye-catching and playful. This way the chain usually stays in motion and swings when you walk. If you like wearing scarves, this is also an ideal length because the chain is still visible under the scarf.

With this chain length, it is important not to choose a pendant that is too small, as it should have some size and weight to be effective in its length.

In addition, with the long chains you have the advantage of being able to turn the single-row chain into a short, multi-row chain. This means you can use these lengths in a variety of ways and in many different ways.

Determine the necklace length for your jewelry chain Chain length 80 cm

Measure existing chain

If you already have a chain of the perfect length at home, simply open the chain, lay it as straight as possible on a smooth surface and measure the length with a tape measure or ruler. Always measure the entire length, from the clasp to the eyelet.


Determine the necklace length for your jewelry chain Chain length 38 and 45 cm

It's that easy to choose the right necklace to go with your new pendant.

See you soon!

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