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Article: Liana rings - jewelry made of bronze

Lianen Ringe - Schmuck aus Bronze

Liana rings - jewelry made of bronze

Do you also love wide rings? They are so great, a ring and maybe some studs or earrings and you're done. The liana ring in bronze is just as wide a ring. A real eye-catcher that definitely cannot be overlooked.

Liana rings - jewelry made of bronze

The Liana Ring and its inspiration

This ring wraps around your finger like a liana, nice and soft and light. Yes, it is wide, but because of the way it is wrapped, there is a lot of free space between it and so it doesn't look massive.

Liana rings - jewelry made of bronze

Handcrafted unique pieces made of bronze

Each of these liana rings is handmade by me in my workshop. Therefore, all rings differ in their small details and no two are wound the same.

Liana rings - jewelry made of bronze

Liana ring made of bronze

The liana rings are made of bronze . Bronze is an alloy of copper and tin, with copper making up the majority of the metal. It is a very old and often forgotten metal in modern times. I really like the warm and very earthy color character of bronze and it goes perfectly with my natural jewelry.

Liana rings - jewelry made of bronze

Therefore, the two main materials I work with are silver and bronze. You can find the Liana Ring in these two metals in my online shop .

Care tips for your liana ring in bronze

Due to the high copper content, bronze can oxidize and tarnish over time through contact with water and sweat. This causes the metal to become grayer and sometimes greener.

Liana rings - jewelry made of bronze

To avoid this, you should treat your ring with care. In other words, take it off when washing your hands, don't leave it in the bathroom - it's better to keep it in a jewelry box. Take it off when showering or bathing.

Liana rings - jewelry made of bronze

If your ring does get a little darker over time and loses its beautiful bronze shine, you can easily polish it up again with a silver cleaning cloth from the drugstore. It also helps to rub the ring with natural Vaseline from time to time to create a layer of dirt between the skin.

Liana rings - jewelry made of bronze

In this blog post: How to easily clean bronze jewelry, I will give you a few simple tips to make your bronze pieces shine again.

Quick tip!

If you have the problem that your finger is darkening with the ring, you can also coat the inside of the ring with a clear nail polish to create a protective film between the skin and the ring. Before you do this, however, you should clean your ring thoroughly with a mild warm soapy solution.

Liana rings - jewelry made of bronze

Does bronze jewelry suit you?

If you like the shade of bronze as much as I do but you're not sure if this color suits your skin type, then I have an article here where you can find out.

Liana rings - jewelry made of bronze

Your ring size

Now comes the most important question: Do you know your ring size? If not, I have a PDF for you here . You can easily download it and print it out . Then take a ring that fits well and measure it. You can do this in 2 minutes, quickly and easily.

Liana rings - jewelry made of bronze

If you don't have a ring at home that fits well, you can order my Multisizer . It's like a small belt that you put around your finger to determine your ring size. You can use this Multisizer again and again to measure each of your fingers.

I am also giving you this great tool as a gift, because with every Multisizer order you will receive a voucher for the full purchase price, including shipping costs. You can then redeem this voucher when you purchase your ring.

See you soon!

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