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Article: 11 things you need to know about eucalyptus!

11 Dinge die du über den Eukalyptus wissen musst!

11 things you need to know about eucalyptus!

The Eucalyptus: Evergreen, always beautiful and always a good choice

There are only a few plants in the world that have as much potential for excitement as the evergreen eucalyptus . It collects records as far as the eye can see. Its popularity is not just limited to its essential oils and its graceful, heart-shaped leaves . It is also one of the fastest growing suppliers of wood and is also highly valued in the spiritual community for its cleansing and clarifying properties . Its leaves can appear green or blue. Depending on the incidence of light and personal perception, they are reminiscent of hearts or small coins. Its harmonious shape was also what helped this plant gain its permanent place in every Feng Shui concept. It allows the Chi to flow and, at the same time, filters negative energies out of the room air. Anyone who also wants healing and protection for their home should rely on this charming high-flyer.

11 things you need to know about eucalyptus!

11 things you need to know about eucalyptus!

Where does eucalyptus come from?

It belongs to the myrtle family and comes in an incredible 600 different species. Its native areas are Australia and Indonesia. However, modern breeding also allows it to be welcomed as a guest in our home gardens.

Symbolism and message

The heart shape of its leaves and their occasional resemblance to coins already give it away: this plant only has good intentions when we bring it into our home. Feng Shui values ​​its harmonious appearance, which allows life energy, also known as Chi, to flow easily through the rooms. Plants whose leaves are reminiscent of money stand for prosperity, domestic happiness and abundance. And last but not least, we must not ignore the warm and heartfelt shape of their leaves. Love is in the air wherever the eucalyptus feels at home and welcome.

11 things you need to know about eucalyptus!

The importance of the eucalyptus plant for humans, animals and the economy

As already mentioned, we are dealing with a real high-flyer in terms of versatility and productivity. We humans value this member of the myrtle family mainly for its striking appearance and the beneficial effects of its essential oils. Koalas love to eat it and only accept 12 of the 300 tree species found in Australia on their menu. But the "Eucalyptus grandis" is also a serious economic factor among the green big players. The trees can grow up to 70 meters high, and in a very short time. In addition to their role as a reliable supplier of wood, they have recently come into focus as a sustainable source of environmentally friendly building materials and are even used to produce biofuel.

Toxic or not?

Its strong, pungent smell might suggest otherwise. However, the members of the Eucalyptus family are not poisonous. But as with any medicinal plant, this is a relative term. Too high a concentration of its ingredients can, for example, lead to unpleasant skin irritations, and mucous membranes also find its essential oils "irritating" in the negative sense of the word.

11 things you need to know about eucalyptus!

How and where do you plant a eucalyptus shrub or tree?

There are now winter-hardy varieties that can survive outdoors in our comparatively inhospitable Central European climate, and that down to minus 20 degrees. If you want to be on the safe side, keep an eye on it as a potted plant and keep it indoors at room temperature over the winter. Caution is advised if it is allowed to move outdoors. Pruning is rarely successful, and it usually does not produce a shapely little tree, but rather wildly overgrown shrubs that soon produce more shade than joy. The distance to other plants should therefore be at least 1 to 2 meters. Some species are also available as standard plants. However, these do not always stay small and cute, but want to grow tall, like all members of this plant family.

What is the botanical significance of the giant myrtle?

From the perspective of our ecosystem, the genus "Eucalyptus globulus", the blue representative of this species, is of particular importance. The name "fever tree" does not refer - as one might wrongly assume - to a fever-reducing effect, as many medicinal plants have. Rather, it refers to its special property of drying out muddy soil and damp earth. In malaria-prone areas, the blue member of the myrtle family was therefore often planted to speed up the drainage of swampy areas.

11 things you need to know about eucalyptus!

Is something blooming here?

Anyone hoping for eucalyptus flowers needs patience, but patience is one of the desirable qualities of every gardener. It can take 4 to 5 years for cream-colored flower balls to appear. Some species bloom red and yellow, but these are generally not winter hardy. Young plants keep us in suspense as to their flower splendor. But when they do happen, we can look forward to flower umbels that are reminiscent of finely chiseled snowballs that Mother Nature, as always, draws into the landscape with great attention to detail. After the flowers have faded, cone-shaped capsule fruits develop. Incidentally, the plant owes its name to this unique metamorphosis: Literally translated from ancient Greek, eu-kalyptus means "beautiful (eu) cap (kalyptus)". The pollination of the eucalyptus flowers is carried out by insects or birds.

What do you use your essential oils for?

The leaves of the "Eucalyptus globulus" contain an essential oil that not only has a characteristic scent and captivates our senses, but also has expectorant, antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory effects. It is therefore often used for respiratory diseases such as colds, sinusitis, asthma and bronchitis. As a bath additive, eucalyptus oil has an invigorating and refreshing effect. It promotes blood circulation and can even help relieve painful symptoms of rheumatism.

11 things you need to know about eucalyptus!

Which flowers are his favorite companions?

It is best to look after and nurture a eucalyptus like a superstar: it will outgrow itself and outshine everything that surrounds it. For the garden, this means: it is better to keep your distance from one another, then you can all live together. For cut flower bouquets, on the other hand, eucalyptus branches are a real feast for the eyes and a stylish addition. They bring harmony and a subtle color balance to every floral arrangement. Even as a purely aesthetic accessory, they can still demonstrate their balancing effect.

The spiritual meaning of eucalyptus plants

In their native Australia, eucalyptus trees have always been revered as sacred trees by the indigenous people, the Aborigines. In their beliefs, they symbolize the separation between the underworld, the earth and the sky. Their significance could be compared to the oak tree of the Druids. Everything about these trees and shrubs was and is important to them. The shape of the leaves, the fast, powerful growth directly towards the sky and the deep roots in place. Its essential oils not only affect our physical well-being, but they also clear our minds and free them from negativity.

11 things you need to know about eucalyptus!

Aesthetics, symbol and message: Eucalyptus jewelry for the most beautiful day in your life

If you want to have all the good powers on your side for the most beautiful day of your life, you are well advised to choose a eucalyptus leaf as the proverbial centerpiece of your wedding celebration. All of its properties speak for themselves: from the heart-shaped leaf to its harmonious, lovely and subtle overall impression. But the shapely eucalyptus plant scores points at the start of a life together not only with its aesthetics and decorative foliage:

The negative has no chance when this evergreen token of love is part of the bridal bouquet or table decoration. But what if you could use the powerful eucalyptus magic in a completely different way? Every bride needs jewelry, the world agrees on that. Leaf jewelry that reproduces the natural shape and grace of eucalyptus leaves 1:1 fulfills several requirements in the blink of an eye. For my silver jewelry, I only use high-quality materials from which I create earrings and pendants in the shape of this graceful foliage. In terms of color, the range of options ranges from pure, puristic silver to an extravagant bronzed surface with exciting color gradients.

11 things you need to know about eucalyptus!

Eucalyptus: In harmony with the melody of nature

If you want plants in your garden or home that combine all the good qualities and are still easy to care for and undemanding, eucalyptus is the best choice. It stands for strength, endurance and power, but also for the cleansing effect of medicinal plants that mankind has revered for thousands of years. The magic and attraction of the eucalyptus plant is perhaps best captured in the words of the great Johann Wolfgang von Goethe: All of nature is a melody in which a deep harmony is hidden.

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