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Article: The right chain for your bronze pendant

Die richtige Kette für deinen Bronzeanhänger

The right chain for your bronze pendant

I make my handmade jewelry in silver, silver gold plated and also in bronze.

I love this warm, natural color of bronze. It goes so beautifully with my natural jewelry and the leaf pendants .

The right chain for your bronze pendant

But bronze is no longer used very often for jewelry. You will more often find brass made into jewelry.

Bronze chains for your bronze jewelry

That's why it wasn't easy to find chains that matched the bronze pendants . But a while ago I found one.

The right chain for your bronze pendant

Now you can complement your bronze jewelry pendant with a fine bronze chain. It is a fine anchor chain with a diameter of 1.8 mm and you can combine it with your bronze pendant in two different lengths. Either 70 or 80 cm long. The chains are attached directly to the pendant in a closed form and you can pull them over your head easily and comfortably.

Depending on whether you want it a little longer and dangling or a little shorter, you have the choice here. If 80 cm is still too short for you, please get in touch and I will be happy to make you 90 or 100 cm if you wish.

The right chain for your bronze pendant

The chains do not have a clasp, as it is not necessary at this length. The pendant is already attached when you receive the chain.

Storage and care of the bronze chain

To preserve the beautiful, delicate shimmer of the bronze chain for a long time, do not store the chain in damp rooms. Please do not leave it in the bathroom. Take it off when swimming or showering. It is best to store the chain in a jewelry box. If your chain has become a little duller or even darker over time, use a simple jewelry cleaning cloth and rub it over the chain until it has regained its beautiful shine.

The right chain for your bronze pendant

Bronze is an alloy of copper and tin, with the main component being copper. The chain is nickel-free and very well tolerated.

The right chain for your bronze pendant

Other ways to wear your bronze pendant.

Of course, you can also order a leather strap to go with your bronze pendant. You can choose to order it in a length of 1 meter and I will tie it to your bronze pendant with sliding knots (with which you can adjust the pendant continuously).

The right chain for your bronze pendant

Or you can choose a short leather strap with gold-plated clasps that also goes very well with the bronze.

As a third option, you can also choose a gold-plated chain in the length of your choice. These are more yellowish in color than bronze. But with a delicate chain, this is hardly noticeable.

The right chain for your bronze pendant

Find the right length for your chain

How can you now choose the right length for your leaf jewelry pendant? To do this, simply take a string or a piece of wool and measure it to the length you want. Then it's best to thread a pendant onto the chain and put it around your neck. This way you can quickly see which chain length you like.

The right chain for your bronze pendant

I hope you enjoy choosing your bronze jewelry pendant and the matching chain.

See you soon!

The right chain for your bronze pendant

The right chain for your bronze pendant

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