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Article: Unique wide rings with stone structure

Einzigartige handgefertigte Ringe mit Steinstruktur online kaufen

Unique wide rings with stone structure

Do you like wearing rings? If so, can it be a wide, let's say statement ring?

The stone rings in silver and bronze are exactly this type of ring. They are nice and wide and one ring is enough to decorate you beautifully.

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Wide rings with a unique stone structure

Why is the ring called “Stone Ring”?

This question comes up quite often because people assume that the ring is made of stone. But that is not true. The rings are either made of silver or bronze.

My theme is nature and for this ring I was inspired by the surface of stone slabs and stone reliefs. The structure is not directly from a stone, but is modelled on the stone. In addition, the angular shape is reminiscent of the shape of stones. But otherwise the ring is made of silver or bronze, a metal alloy made of copper and tin.

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Why is the stone ring square?

The stone ring has a square shape on the outside, but on the inside it is completely round and also very "soft" and comfortable to wear. The square shape takes the idea of ​​the stones further and reflects the angular and hard structures of stones. At the same time, the square shape is also very comfortable to wear, because the ring fits beautifully around the whole hand.

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How should I treat the stone ring?

The stone ring is made either in silver or in bronze , an alloy of copper and tin. Pure natural materials.

You may know that silver can darken over time (depending on how it is treated). But this is only a surface reaction and can be removed at any time with a silver cleaning cloth. In this article I have put together a few very simple tips for you on how you can clean your silver jewelry easily and simply.

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The Stone Ring in Bronze

The bronze has a wonderfully earthy character and therefore fits perfectly with the theme of nature.

I seal all my rings before I send them to you. But depending on your wearing habits, this will only last for a certain period of time.

Bronze, like silver, can therefore "tarnish" over time, i.e. oxidize, or rather darken and become duller. However, this is only a superficial reaction with the air and can be easily removed. To do this, take a silver cleaning cloth (you can buy one in any drugstore) and rub the ring until it shines again. Or you can use an old and soft toothbrush with a little toothpaste and brush the ring until it shines again. But do this with care!

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Tips on how to keep your stone ring beautiful for a long time

The simplest and best tip is always to wear the ring as often as possible, as this is the best way to prevent it from darkening.

To avoid or delay this oxidation process as long as possible, you should keep your stone ring “dry”.

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In other words, take it off when washing your hands, and don't leave it on your finger when you shower or bathe. If you're not wearing it, please don't leave it in a damp bathroom, but keep it in a jewelry box or case.

This guarantees that your ring will stay beautiful for longer and you will have to clean it less often!

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The right size for your stone ring

You like the stone ring in silver or bronze, but you are not sure about your ring size ?

Then print out my simple instructions and use them to measure the ring you have perfectly. It's easy and straightforward and can be done in just 2 minutes.

In the instructions I will also show you how to measure your ring using a string or ribbon.

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You also have the option of using the Multisizer . This is like a small belt that you put around your finger and can use to easily determine your ring size.

The best thing is that I'm giving you the Multisizer for free. You order it for 1 euro plus shipping costs and you'll get a voucher for the amount you paid when it's delivered. You can then redeem this voucher easily and conveniently when you order your ring.

Buy unique handmade rings with stone structure online

Ring order on request

If you have now found out your ring size, but there is no stone ring in your size, then please contact me and I will make one exactly for you upon request.

See you soon!

Buy unique handmade rings with stone structure online

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