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Article: Grass: my new shipping boxes

Gras: meine neuen Versandschachteln

Grass: my new shipping boxes

For some time now I have been looking for a new shipping box for my jewelry.

Grass: my new shipping packaging

I wanted to find something that not only fits my jewelry in terms of dimensions, but also takes into account the philosophy of my jewelry.

I then found what I was looking for at and found a really ideal solution.

Grass: my new shipping boxes

My new shipping boxes are made of grass

I immediately liked it and it fits perfectly with my natural jewelry.

In addition, from an ecological point of view, grass is a very fast-growing raw material and can also be easily reused and recycled.

Grass: my new shipping boxes

I immediately ordered a sample and was absolutely delighted with the look and feel. The smell, slightly grassy, ​​is also super pleasant.

If you order a piece of jewelry from me in the online shop in the future, you will not only receive a sage tea from Sonnentor as a small gift , but your piece of jewelry will also be sent in grass packaging.

See you soon!

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