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Article: Crisis: WHAT now? To do or not to do?

Krise: WAS jetzt? Tun oder nicht tun?

Crisis: WHAT now? To do or not to do?

For a few days or almost a week, I've only been at home or walking the dog. My husband does the necessary shopping.

In principle, working from home is nothing new for me. I have set up my workshop, my showroom and my office in our house.

But it is a completely new situation to sit at home with two school-age children and my husband, who makes a lot of customer calls in his job.

The crisis has us firmly in its grip

It is a change for all of us and it is not voluntary! It is intended to prevent the virus from spreading rapidly and widely.

I think that's good and right, but the situation is not easy. It's stressful.

Therefore, I have consciously decided to continue doing all the usual tasks that I usually do.

I continue to do my work. I continue to make my jewelry and I photograph it and show it to you. I also continue to put jewelry in the online shop and offer it to you. I am also still active on social media. Yes, I also walk my dog ​​every day, prepare meals for myself and my family, tidy up, do laundry, clean, play with the children and so on and so forth.

Yes, I do all this because I can't just sit on the couch and do nothing or wait. Wait for what?

My heart business should live on

I don't think it's right to stop working even though I have the opportunity to do so. It's my absolute passion, so why shouldn't I pursue it now?

Yes, the world, or rather we humans, currently have completely different problems and needs than my jewelry, can be used as a counterargument. Maybe!

But we don't want to surround ourselves with the crisis and the bad news that comes in every day. Sometimes we need a bit of variety and positive thoughts.

And there will definitely come a time when we can say THANK YOU to all the amazing people who do incredible things. I can then support and help them. Because a handmade piece of jewelry definitely brings joy.

Solidarity - because together we are strong

I think this community spirit and solidarity is wonderful. There are many people who are trying to support and encourage small sole proprietorships (like me) right now.

Nunu Kaller has launched a website where she presents many small businesses that sell their great products even in these times. So if you need something or want to buy something - then first check whether a small local company offers it.

Gabriele Lechner from Mondschein Design has started a virtual Easter market. Since there are no offline events and time doesn't stand still, Easter is definitely coming. There are already a few exhibitors who are taking part virtually and have moved into their "hut" and more are joining every day - so it's always worth stopping by. Virtual Easter market

The creative garden is a network for entrepreneurs and creative people who regularly offer great workshops and table discussions. Now they present a creative company every day on their Instagram account:

For all of you who are still looking for tips for working from home, Claudia Kauscheder from Abenteuer Home Office will definitely be able to help you . She also organizes regular live meetings on Facebook and gives some great tips.

I think these ideas and implementations are wonderful and I'm happy to be a part of them.

Online shop remains open

My online shop remains open and accessible to you. You can bring joy to yourself, but also to people who have to sit at home alone during these times.

I will continue to do my usual work and do my part by not allowing my passion project to die. I am happy to remain a part of our economic system and continue on my path.

I hope you are well - stay healthy!

See you soon!

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