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Article: RINGS: On which finger do you wear them?

RINGE: An welchen Fingern sollte man sie tragen?

RINGS: On which finger do you wear them?

You probably know that a wedding ring is worn on the fourth finger – that’s why it is called the ring finger.

But did you know that in ancient times every finger could give a clue to the ring it was wearing ? And that not only did they symbolize beauty and power as unique pieces of jewelry, but they also influenced the fate of the person wearing them and were even said to have magical and healing powers? To this day, you can make a certain statement by wearing a ring, depending on whether you wear it on your middle finger or your index finger, for example. And who knows, maybe your ring will protect you from other people's bad thoughts or bring you luck?

RINGS: Which fingers should you wear them on?

But: Where do you wear rings?

And does it matter if you choose your right or left hand for your ring ?

Hi, I'm Gudrun. I make unique pieces of jewelry by hand and am inspired by nature. My leaf jewelry is one hundred percent unique, whether it's a ring, bracelet or necklace: they're all one-of-a-kind!
But my handmade jewelry is not just meant to show my preference for the forms of nature.

I also find historical facts about rings, bracelets and necklaces incredibly fascinating and have done a bit of reading and asking around.
Here I have written down what I learned: a little ring-wearing experience.

With my natural jewelry you can also make your own personal statement.

Below you will learn which finger is said to have which meaning.

RINGS: Which fingers should you wear them on?

Rings of love, happiness and power

Since the dawn of humanity, jewellery seems to have been made for more than just a way to make one beautiful: brooches, rings and bracelets showed membership in groups, such as the rich nobility or respected families. A ring in particular could be of great importance to the life of its wearer: rings were supposed to protect against illness and slander, place the wearer under the protection of a particular god or show a stranger that one was of high birth or important rank.

We know this from the signet rings that were used not only by kings and dukes, but also by church dignitaries. Or the wedding and friendship rings that to this day symbolize a promise to be faithful and devoted to one another. Certain rings even had their own name and were supposed to bring healing for serious illnesses.

Magic rings can also be found in many old fairy tales and myths, where they have magical powers: they make the wearer invisible when they put them on, or take them to a certain place on request. Rings were also passed down from generation to generation within a family as a gift from a supernatural being, such as a fairy or a dwarf - because the promise was: as long as the ring stays in the family, the house will survive and be blessed with happiness and prosperity.

Rings and the mysterious power of thoughts and feelings have always been connected – if the owner knows how to wear his ring.

RINGS: Which fingers should you wear them on?

RINGS: Which fingers should you wear them on?

Where is the best place to wear rings?

Choosing the finger

In the world of ancient Rome, every finger - except the thumb - was dedicated to one of the many gods. Some of these ideas have survived through the Middle Ages and into our time, even though we no longer believe in Jupiter, Cupid and Mars.

I don't know how you feel about it, but I'm not really a superstitious person. But from time to time there seems to be something in the old traditions. When I wear my leaf jewelry, I feel particularly strong on some days: I walk straight, look people in the eye and feel prepared for new deeds. Is Jupiter perhaps on my side after all if I wear my favorite ring on my right index finger?

RINGS: Which fingers should you wear them on? RINGS: Which fingers should you wear them on?

The ring on the index finger

The Romans associated the index finger with Jupiter, the father of the gods. He was the head of all the gods and controlled the fate of the Roman people. In war he stopped the enemies, he ruled over thunder and rain - and over the grape harvest.

If you wear a ring on your index finger, you strive for dominance and power over others, but you also show that you are self-confident. Belonging to exclusive circles such as clubs or lodges is also often symbolized by rings worn on the index finger.

RINGS: Which fingers should you wear them on?

The ring on the middle finger

The middle finger was once dedicated to the god Saturn. This god was the guardian of agriculture, the solid basis of life for all people of that time. A festival was also celebrated in honor of Saturn, from which our carnival and Christmas celebrations would later develop: the Saturnalia.

During these festive days in December, people gave each other presents and created a kind of upside-down world in which the subordinates were allowed to sit at the table and were served by their masters - a joke, but also a form of recognition for the hard work that the servants did. In the Middle Ages, Saturn was seen as a determinant of measure and order, but also of fate and magic.

A ring on the middle finger is located in the balancing center of the hand and therefore represents justice and the order of things.

RINGS: Which fingers should you wear them on?

But memorial rings, which are meant to remind us of a loved one who has passed away, are also often worn on the middle finger – perhaps as an echo from old times to remind us of the power of fate.

RINGS: Which fingers should you wear them on?

The ring on the fourth finger - ring finger

The Romans considered the fourth finger to be a symbol of the god Apollo, the god of light and spring and the protector of art and music. Of course, you wear your wedding ring (right hand) or engagement ring (left hand) on the ring finger, as marriage has always been associated with spring and a wedding celebration with music and dance.

The ceremony of putting on rings is the wonderful highlight of every wedding. But unmarried people can also wear a ring on this finger: those who have dedicated their lives to art or music can also choose the ring finger.

RINGS: Which fingers should you wear them on?

Friendship rings, which already existed in the Middle Ages and symbolize the special bond between two close friends, are also often worn on the ring finger.

Everything is allowed!

In Austria and Germany, wedding rings are traditionally worn on the right hand. But that is not the case in all countries. In Switzerland, Italy, Portugal and even the USA, wedding rings are worn on the left hand.

RINGS: Which fingers should you wear them on?

RINGS: Which fingers should you wear them on?

This is often a more pleasant option, as in our culture we greet people with our right hand and men in particular tend to give a very firm handshake, which often causes the ring to be painfully squeezed into their fingers.

After this happened to my husband a few times and he got an open wound on his finger, he now wears his wedding ring on his left hand too!

RINGS: Which fingers should you wear them on?

The ring on the little finger

In ancient Rome, the little finger was considered a symbol of the god Mercury, the patron god of trade. His image could be found on the back of coins, among other places, until the early modern period.

Mercury was also the god of luck. A ring on the little finger can also be a friendship ring - this is especially popular with little girls today.

RINGS: Which fingers should you wear them on?

But there is also room for a personal message on the little finger: religious symbols, references to the wearer's closeness to nature through leaves or flowers on the ring, or zodiac signs are often found on little finger rings.

RINGS: Which fingers should you wear them on?

The ring on the thumb

For the Romans, the thumb was the only finger that did not have its own god associated with it. However, we know from ancient Greece that a ring on the thumb represented power and masculinity.

Today, of course, every woman can wear a ring on her thumb and be sure of a very special effect: rings on the thumb are rare. They therefore represent willpower, individuality and self-confidence.

Natural jewelry for every finger:
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RINGS: Which fingers should you wear them on?

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RINGS: Which fingers should you wear them on?

RINGS: Which fingers should you wear them on?

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