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Article: Which ring width is right for you?

Welche Ringbreite ist die richtige für Dich?

Which ring width is right for you?

Broad and strong or delicate and narrow:

Have you found what you were looking for among the rings in my natural jewelry ? Have you recognized one of the unique pieces as your wedding ring, friendship ring or your personal lucky charm? I'm happy about that!

Which ring width is right for you?

Now you're just wondering which ring width you should choose? You might want to know: How wide should a wedding ring be? Which ring width is right for long, narrow fingers, which are rings for short fingers, which for thick fingers?

Of course, there are no rules set in stone when it comes to choosing the width of your ring. It's more like clothes: many sweaters, trousers or dresses suit you, but some make you look particularly elegant, flattering or gorgeous.

It's the same with rings. Whether you're into leaf jewelry, a coral motif or the ear of corn structure, choosing the right width will put the finishing touches on your new piece of jewelry.

Which ring width is right for you?

Which ring width is right for you?

Handmade jewelry is not always plain

Of course, I try to use uniform measurements when making my rings so that you can get an idea of ​​my natural jewelry at home. Since you can order all rings online, you will also find information about the width of each ring. However, since all rings are handmade and unique, it is sometimes not possible to maintain exact ring widths down to the millimeter. In these cases, you will find information such as for my "Bronze Ring Liane" in size 52, where I have specified 16 to 19 millimeters as the width.

Which ring width is right for you?

If you now ask: Which ring width is right for me?, then I have some tips for you:

Rings for short fingers

In general, when it comes to the width of the ring, it is important to ensure that the ring does not restrict the movement of the finger. This is of course particularly important for short fingers. It should be a maximum of 6 millimeters so that you can move your finger easily and the ring does not look bulky.

Which ring width is right for you?

Finger type short and narrow

Your fingers are as delicate as those of an elf, so narrow rings with delicate motifs suit you.

My bronze tree bark ring in size 48 is a suitable piece with its 4 millimeters, as are my flower rings . You can also find thin, elegant examples among the coral rings .

Which ring width is right for you?

Finger type short and broad

Your fingers are those of a grounded woman who has a good and solid footing in life. Rings with a medium width of 4 to 7 millimeters look best on you. Perhaps the silver ring with coral structure in size 52 is your new favorite piece? Or, while we're on the subject of the sea, the silver ring with sea urchin in 6 millimeters? A little daring, but very elegant and classy for your hand is thebronze ring with sage in size 52, which measures 13 millimeters at the front and 5 millimeters at the back.

Which ring width is right for you?

Rings for middle fingers

If your fingers are medium length, you're lucky: everything suits you! You can wear narrow rings and wide rings, and extravagances like the rings from my sage leaf collection , which are wide at the front and get thinner towards the back, will certainly suit you wonderfully! So: go wild! You can order all the rings online, and there are bold stone and sea motifs as well as delicate leaf decorations and flower rings or the beautiful, playful ear of corn motifs waiting for you.

Which ring width is right for you?

Rings for long fingers

For your long fingers, your rings should not be narrower than 6 millimeters, otherwise they will not stand out enough.

Which ring width is right for you?

Finger type long and narrow

Your fingers may be long, but they are still delicate and elegant like those of a queen – or an artist? Rings that are 6 to 10 millimeters wide suit you. But narrow rings with large motifs also look tasteful and exquisite on you. You will find such a piece among my coral rings: For the silver ring with coral structure in various sizes, I have placed the picturesque coral on the ring plate to highlight the fascinating beauty of these sea creatures. Or take a look at my ear of corn ring collection - is your new favorite ring perhaps there? The fine ear of corn structure and the embedded crystals suit imaginative, multifaceted people well, I think. I can also imagine the sage leaf rings looking beautiful on your long, slim fingers: they are quite wide at the front, but taper off towards the back and come in gold, silver and bronze, simply radiant and yet so soft and delicate.

Which ring width is right for you?

Finger type long and wide

Your fingers are large and strong, you have a strong personality, but are also sensitive and good-natured. For you, a ring should be at least 8 millimeters wide to be seen on your hand. But wide doesn't necessarily have to mean bulky: whether coral, ear of corn, holed stone or sage leaf, I can also imagine the exotic liana rings looking elegant and tasteful on your hand.

Which ring width is right for you?

How wide should a wedding ring be?

Are you looking for a suitable ring to seal your bond for life? I'm very happy about that and I congratulate you from the bottom of my heart on this great step! The symbolic power of nature in particular has been strongly linked to love since ancient times, as countless love poems in all cultures tell us. If you're wondering how wide your wedding ring should be, then we should consider together how important it is to you to show your love to the outside world: Clearly visible, wide rings tell the world straight away: I'm married and happy and I want everyone to know! Dainty, narrower rings are more reserved, perhaps even more mysterious: you want to enjoy your love just for yourselves, float on cloud nine as a couple and not share your happiness with the whole world, but keep it as a thrilling secret between you. Both are of course legitimate. If you're having trouble deciding which type you belong to, then you can't go wrong with a ring of medium width (5 to 8 millimeters). Take your time and look around my pages. I am sure that you will find the right thing for your start into your new life together!

Which ring width is right for you?

Everything is possible, nothing is neccesary

In this article I have given you some tips on the recommended width of your rings. But don't let that limit you! Just as all of my rings are unique, every person is different and what may suit one person may not be an option for another.

Of course, you decide for yourself what you like and what suits you, because everyone knows that best for themselves.

Take your time to look around, feel inside yourself, and simply choose what appeals to you!

Personally, I love nature and elegant jewelry and am happy about everyone who shares this love with me.

Which ring width is right for you?

How to determine the correct ring size and width

As a guideline, the ring should slide over the knuckle with some resistance so that it doesn't slip off the finger too easily. Once the ring is on your finger, you should still be able to turn it. Both of these things depend on how comfortable it is to wear it and the width of the ring.

Which ring width is right for you?

To make it easier to understand, I would like to explain this to you using my ring size:

I normally measure a size 53 on my left ring finger. That is my favorite finger for a ring. For a narrow ring with a ring band of 3 to 4 mm, I need a ring size 52. Especially if the ring has a decorative element on top like a flower ring and can therefore easily slide to the side. For a ring that is 10 mm wide or more, I use a ring size 54 to 55 and I wear my sage leaf ring, which is almost 20 mm wide, in size 56. But that is always the same finger. So you can see very clearly that the ring width also depends on the ring size.

Which ring width is right for you?

If you would like to know how to best determine your ring size , there is a separate article here about it . I explain it in detail. There are also instructions on how to measure your ring size in different steps . If you are unsure, then order the Multisizer . With this very simple tool, which is designed like a belt, you can measure your ring size for each of your fingers . Very easy and quick.

As you can see, the ring width depends on various factors and here are a few guidelines that you can follow.

Which ring width is right for you?

The best ring width is always the one that you like best. So much for my final words.

See you soon!

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