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Article: Jewelry pendant made of real hop leaves

Schmuck Anhänger von echten Hopfenblättern

Jewelry pendant made of real hop leaves

I was recently able to make a wonderful customer request. I made two fantastic silver pendants out of hop leaves that I had picked myself.

Jewelry pendant made from real hop leaf

2 hop leaves as pendant in silver

Since the couple did not want to choose classic wedding rings, the bride-to-be chose a sage ring as a souvenir of the upcoming wedding and brought me some hop leaves.

From these we then chose two leaves which I was allowed to make into pendants. One of these pendants will be worn by the bride on her wedding day and the second was for the daughter.

Jewelry pendant made from real hop leaf

I always find it so nice to fulfill these individual wishes and am happy when such a phenomenal result is achieved!

Hop leaves have a beautiful shape and structure, they are similar to vine leaves but the leaves are much more jagged.

Jewelry pendant made from real hop leaf

I can also make you a pendant from a leaf of your choice. For this I need a fresh leaf, which you pick either on the same day or the day before and immediately place in a plastic bag and seal it tightly.

Please be careful - do not bend them and always collect a few more leaves than necessary. It is best to collect 5-6 leaves if you want a pendant. The leaf size should also be the size you want the pendant to be.

Jewelry pendant made from real hop leaf

If you live too far away, you can also send me the leaves. To do this, please put the leaves in a resealable plastic bag and put some air in it - to create a kind of cushion. This will prevent the leaves from being crushed. Then it's best to pack them in a box and send them to me by express parcel at the beginning of the week so that I can process the leaves as quickly as possible.

I am always delighted to be able to fulfil such special wishes and it is always a pleasure to admire the finished result. Each leaf has its own charm, which is often even more striking in silver.

Jewelry pendant made from real hop leaf fits perfectly with the sage ring

If you are interested, please contact me!

See you soon

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