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Article: Leaf jewelry from inspiration to finished piece of jewelry

Blattschmuck von der Inspiration zum fertigen Schmuckstück

Leaf jewelry from inspiration to finished piece of jewelry

My leaf jewelry, or how it came about, its story from the beginning. From the inspiration to the finished product, so to speak. From the idea to the necklace. From the leaf to the earring or the finished ring.

Leaf decoration, how it all began

Actually, it all started with Buppi.


Who is that, you ask yourself? That's our dog, who we've had for two years now. My older son really wanted a dog. And since I always wanted a dog as a child, it wasn't that hard to persuade me.

Leaf jewelry from inspiration to finished piece of jewelry

Our Buppi is a Coccadoodel, which is a mix of a cocker spaniel and a poodle. All black, not too big but also super cute.

Leaf jewelry from inspiration to finished piece of jewelry

If you have children yourself, you will realise that children love to have pets and are extremely happy to have them. But the rest of the job is left to someone else to do. Things like feeding them, cleaning up the mess and of course going for walks. As a child, you might enjoy playing with a dog. But walking through nature for 1-2 hours every day? No. As a child, you don't like doing that.

So my husband and I go. I really enjoy it now, even though I didn't really like going for walks before. It was always too boring for me. But now I love walking out of the house with her at 7 a.m. It doesn't matter if it's snowing, raining or a beautiful sunrise. I go out!

Leaf jewelry from inspiration to finished piece of jewelry

If you walk through nature for at least an hour every day, you will notice an infinite number of things. For example, the various leaves. I had already depicted a sage leaf in silver in a course. But only sage. But now I noticed the innumerable variety and simultaneous beauty of the leaves. Each leaf is absolutely unique. Each leaf is really beautiful. Great shapes, beautiful structures, different types. So many variations. Fantastic.

Which leaves become leaf decorations?

I started collecting them. Since our little one is patient, I always have enough time to look and collect them. Blackberry leaves, raspberry leaves, mint leaves, beech leaves, hazelnut leaves, birch leaves, nettle leaves,... The list got longer and longer and I'm still far from finished.

Leaf jewelry from inspiration to finished piece of jewelry

At home, the leaves are first spread out on my work table and examined closely. I check whether they are really complete. Whether nothing is torn or broken. How the shape and size might be suitable for a pendant or earrings.

After that, I can't wait too long. But that always depends on the leaf in question. Some leaves are thicker and firmer, and therefore retain their leaf fluid for longer. Others are thinner and therefore dry out more quickly.

Leaf jewelry from inspiration to finished piece of jewelry

I now begin to mold the leaves using a kind of layering process. At the moment I do this in either silver, bronze or rose bronze. I really use the original leaves. There is no impression or mold, but the actual leaf is processed here. Between the layers it is dried and then another layer is applied. Until I feel the leaf is thick enough. Finally it is fired. The original impression is ready.

When I write all this down and think about it, I'm already really looking forward to spring. To the first leaves. To this beautiful green, the delicate, still small shapes. Very young, very fresh. Hmmmmm. Can you feel it already? I can! I love spring and this new growth. I'm looking forward to the first leaves and I'm sure I'll discover new leaves that I don't have in my range yet.

Leaf jewelry from inspiration to finished piece of jewelry

The great thing about my leaf decoration is that I always get to know new bushes, new trees and new plants.

I'm not a botanist.
I am just an observer.
A connoisseur.
A shiverer.

Leaf jewelry from inspiration to finished piece of jewelry

But I have already learned a lot through my passion. I know some papers already. But not others. So I sit down at home and start researching online or ask friends. Now and again, customers at trade fairs and exhibitions also give me help.

So from the dog, to the first sage leaf as a silver pendant, I came up with a whole series of leaf jewelry. Sage leaf rings, pendants with all sorts of leaves, earrings, and now even bracelets, and I have a few more ideas in store.

So spring can come!

See you soon!

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