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Article: The golden sage ring makes you shine

Der goldene Salbei Ring bringt Dich zum Strahlen

The golden sage ring makes you shine


Sage leaf ring in gold

The time has finally come, the sage ring is now available in gold!

Many have been waiting for it and I have often been asked whether the Sage leaf ring also in gold I hesitated for a long time because I thought that gold is not really my material.

I also hesitated because I didn't want to have the ring gold-plated, as it would then look different.

Sage leaf ring in gold

Each sage ring is made from a real leaf, the You can read about the exact development and creation of a ring here .

After some back and forth and after various inquiries, I finally decided to go for it and found a galvanizer I trusted and had 5 sample pieces gold-plated.

I waited with excitement for the final result and looked forward to the package. When it finally arrived and I the gold pieces in hands I was completely thrilled when I was allowed to hold it.

WOW - it looks great in GOLD

Sage leaf ring in gold

I tested the gold plating with the bronze sage leaf rings and also with the silver sage leaf rings. I have to say that the gold plating looks much more elegant and radiant on the silver. On the bronze ring, the whole thing looks a bit rougher and more primitive. It doesn't really fit. Probably because the surface of the bronze ring is also more coarse-pored and wavy than the silver.

After that it was clear to me, yes - the sage leaf ring will also be available in gold!

In the fall, I sent a small, limited number of sage leaf rings and a few sage pendants and earrings to the gilder again and he plated them beautifully with gold.

What does gold plated mean?

Sage leaf ring in gold

Most of us are familiar with classic gold plating. But this is only a very thin layer of gold that is transferred to a piece of metal using galvanic technology. With gold plating, the gold grade is between 0.1 µ g - 0.2 µ g (micrograms). In contrast, gold plating is much stronger and can contain up to 10 µ g. Gold plating is therefore not really recommended for a piece of jewelry such as a ring, as it can quickly wear off through daily wear. In contrast, gold plating is much more durable due to its greater thickness.

The golden sage leaf rings are made of fine silver with the maximum possible gold plating of 24 carat gold.

Sage leaf ring in gold

I am very concerned about the quality of my jewelry and it is therefore very important to me that you enjoy your favorite piece for a long time. If you treat it with care and love, you will be able to enjoy it for a long time. If the gold plating does wear off over a long period of time, it can always be refinished. I would be happy to refine your piece of jewelry again for a fee.

If you like the sage leaf ring in gold as much as I do, then quickly measure your ring size and get your ring.

Wearing instructions and care tips

Please take the golden sage ring for washing your hands, showering or swimming. Sunscreen and chlorine can damage the material. You should also take your ring off at night and when doing housework or playing sports.

Sage leaf ring in gold

To ensure that you can enjoy your gold sage leaf ring for a long time, you should store it in a jewelry box or jewelry case when not wearing it.

If necessary, clean the ring with warm water and possibly a little mild detergent, then dry it carefully with a microfiber cloth or a wool cloth.

In this article there are some more Care instructions for you summarized.

I hope you enjoy your new favorite ring.

See you soon!

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