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Article: Christmas 2019 • decorating makes you happy

Weihnachten 2019 - schmücken macht glücklich

Christmas 2019 • decorating makes you happy

It's getting colder outside, the days are getting darker, temperatures are dropping below zero for the first time and we are moving inexorably towards Christmas. Every year we are faced with the same question: what gift can we give our loved ones to make them happy?

I have the perfect idea for you: with a handmade unique piece of jewelry from goodrun, because decorating makes you happy, always!

Christmas - decorating makes you happy

The perfect Christmas gift

Every year we rack our brains over the right and most beautiful gift for our loved ones, but it is so simple, because you can give lasting joy with a unique piece of jewelry from goodrun .

You will find a large selection of handmade unique pieces that are taken directly from the real leaf.

Sage Leaf Ring

Christmas - decorating makes you happy

The classic is the sage ring , which comes directly from a real leaf. For this you need a ring size, which you can determine very easily and simply in this way.

Leaf jewelry pendant

Jewelry pendant from real leaf - Christmas

As an alternative I offer you many different trailers which are taken directly from real leaves. Each one is a handmade unique piece and you have the choice between many different types like sage, ginkgo , linden, nettle, ... - but just have a look yourself and choose your favorite pendant.

Earrings and drop earrings from the leaf

Earrings as a gift for Christmas

If your recipient prefers Earrings or dangle earrings you can choose the right ones here. There are also a lot of different pieces.

Have fun choosing and giving.

See you soon!

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