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Article: How to care for your sage ring

Wie pflegst du deinen Salbei Ring

How to care for your sage ring

You have a sage leaf ring and now you are wondering how you can best care for it so that it stays beautiful for a long time?

So today I have put together a few tips for you that are very easy to implement and will give you long-lasting pleasure at Sage Ring grant.

Sage Ring Care


take the sage leaf ring to wash your hands. YES! Even if it's difficult and takes time and effort - take it off. This will help you keep its beautiful color for a long time. Of course, nothing will happen to the silver ring if you leave it on when you wash your hands. But the color will gradually turn gray over time.

Sage Ring Care


Beware the sage ring Store it in a dark and dry place when you are not wearing it. Ideally in a jewelry box or a jewelry case. Do not leave it in the bathroom next to the sink. This can also change the beautiful color.

Sage Ring Care


If you the sage leaf ring If after not being worn for a while it appears a little duller and less shiny, then simply use a simple silver cleaning cloth from the drugstore or jeweler and carefully and easily polish the surface of the ring again.

Sage Ring Care


This tip has nothing to do with immediate care, but it is just as important to ensure that you can enjoy your sage leaf ring . Don't bend the ring, although it may be tempting since it is open at the back. But bending it can also cause it to break, which is what happens to all metals when they are constantly bent.

Well, you don’t need more than these 4 tips to your sage leaf ring to enjoy it for a long time and to wear it again and again with joy, if you still If you want to know more facts about the Sage Ring, you can read them here.

I always say that it stays most beautiful if you put it on your finger and wear it as often as possible! Because that's why I made it.

Have fun with your sage leaf ring.

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