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Article: Where I find creativity when I feel empty

Wo ich Kreativität finde, wenn ich mich leer fühle

Where I find creativity when I feel empty

Have you ever had a really good - let's say brilliant idea ? An idea that you went over in your head again and again and found even better afterwards? But in the end it stayed just that idea and you didn't implement any of it.

Where I find creativity when I feel empty

Every day we often have countless great, really good ideas, things we want to do, things we want to create and if we are honest with ourselves - how many of them do we actually implement?

Why do we often find it so difficult to actually bring these ideas into the world?

For me, it's often the case that I fail because of the big mountain. I have an idea and I think it's really great, but then when it comes to implementing it, I think about everything I have to do to achieve it. It seems like a huge mountain to climb and it seems so difficult and laborious. That often overwhelms me and stops me from just getting started.

Where I find creativity when I feel empty

Yes, and that is my first tip - or rather my first approach - just start.

When everything seems too much and too big and I don't know how to manage it, the easiest thing for me is to take the first step and start the whole thing, because then the next steps often follow on their own.

This gets me moving and brings me closer to the topic, which then awakens my creativity and allows me to effortlessly develop ideas for the next steps.

Where I find creativity when I feel empty

Here's my second tip (oh well, I find this very difficult myself): give up your obsession with perfection.

I am also a very perfectionist and always want to do everything 100% or even better 110%, but before it gets to that point I don't even start - because I'm afraid of failing and afraid that it might not be as great as I imagined.

Perfection destroys your creativity and destroys your success. Perfection leaves you sitting at home alone and not getting going for fear of not being able to do it, for fear of not getting it perfect.

But the problem is that what we do will never be completely perfect, so it's best to just do it and throw perfectionism overboard. Free yourself from the delusion that everything has to be 100%, because that's a total creativity killer!

For me, it's often the things that I think don't come naturally to me and are therefore more difficult to do. Like here the blog posts write or make a newsletter...

Yes, even though I know that I will probably never be one of the top writers, I still want to get my ideas and messages out there and that's why I think to myself now, yes, my blog posts are not perfect, but you can read and understand my ideas and thoughts in them.

Where I find creativity when I feel empty

My third tip is to gain distance.

When you sit at your desk and force yourself to do something, to be creative, you often experience an inner blockage, an inner defensive attitude.

When I feel like that and nothing is happening anymore, I get up, grab my bag and go outside. For me, nature is my best source of creativity.

I just love walking across meadows and through forests and clearing my head. Afterwards I feel fresh and free and suddenly ideas start flowing again. Often I come up with a solution to a particular problem while I'm still in the middle of a walk and things start flowing again.

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