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Article: Leaf decoration - where do I know this from?

Blattschmuck - woher kenn ich das?

Leaf decoration - where do I know this from?

I am often approached at fairs and markets by ladies who tell me that their grandmother always wore a leaf as a brooch, or even rosebuds.

Leaf decoration, where do you know that from?

Leaf decoration is not new and it continues to exist.

Yes, many of our grandmothers wore gold-plated leaves around their necks, but often they were whole buds, preferably from roses or other flowers that were silver-plated or mostly gold-plated. The whole thing was very popular with women a good 100 years ago.

Even decorative pieces of jewelry, which today are more commonly referred to as home accessories, were made from whole flower parts or plants. At my stand there was once a lady with a whole rose that was made entirely of silver.

In the Nordic countries, natural jewelry, i.e. plant jewelry or leaf jewelry, is also very popular and many jewelry manufacturers from these countries draw inspiration from nature in their designs.

Why did I choose the theme of leaf decoration for my jewelry?

I would say that it has developed over time. I have become more and more involved in the topic and more and more ideas have emerged on the subject.

Leaf decoration, where do you know that from?

I love nature, I love my garden and I love the shapes and structures of leaves. If you look closely, they have such great variety and beauty in their shapes. It is also fascinating that every leaf is different and only similar, but never completely identical.

The great thing is that nature and leaves are such a diverse source of inspiration that every artist can always create something new from them and give their jewelry a unique look.

We all see different things when we look at the same thing, which is why very different pieces are created and that is the uniqueness behind it.

Leaf decoration, where do you know that from?

Because of the many different techniques that can be used to create leaf decorations, there are also very different approaches and therefore also different looks.

For me, leaves have such positive energy and so much good energy in them that I simply find them quite invigorating.

The great thing about leaf jewelry is that when it comes from a real leaf, as in my case, it is unique. Each leaf is different and therefore each piece of leaf jewelry is unique.

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