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Article: The creation of the Sage Ring

Die Entstehung des Salbei Rings

The creation of the Sage Ring

Today it is about the production or creation of the sage leaf ring.

How does the leaf structure get onto the ring?

Is this really a leaf?

What material is this now?

Did it come from a mold?

I am often asked these and similar questions by customers at trade fairs and markets.

Making the Sage Ring

Yes - each ring is made from a real leaf and each ring is from its own leaf. I don't make molds and then create a series of the same rings, no each sage ring is absolutely unique, as each leaf is unique.

The creation of the sage leaf ring

For the production of the ring I need a real and fresh leaf, which is why I have a lot of sage growing in my garden. Yes, I would almost say I am addicted to sage and plant almost every free space in my garden with sage.

Every year in spring I go on a tour of the different nurseries and look for great sage plants, because unfortunately not all of them survive the winter and there is usually still a place or a pot for sage.

Once I have picked the real leaf, it goes to my studio and the leaf is examined very closely to see whether it really has the beauty to be made into a ring.

The creation of the sage leaf ring

Then I apply silver to the leaf in thin individual layers. One thin layer of silver after another is applied to the leaf until it has reached a certain thickness and stability.

The leaf then goes into the kiln and is fired for a longer period of time at almost a thousand degrees. The actual sage leaf burns and my workshop begins to smell wonderfully of sage.

For me, this is one of the most beautiful moments - this smell is a dream and there is also the nice side effect that my workshop, my studio and my office are energetically cleansed again and again. I feel the fresh energy flooding through my rooms. Simply great!

To re-energize your home with the smell of sage, you don't have to create sage rings; it also works with very simple incense sticks. Doris from Made with Love explained this wonderfully in her blog post.

The creation of the sage leaf ring

After this process is finished a few hours later, I always hope to get the leaves out of the oven intact.

The sage leaves are now made of pure silver - recycled silver. I told you about this in another article of mine.

Now the leaves are processed further. The leaf is lovingly hammered by hand into a ring and then beautifully polished.

Only now does an oxide give the color the silver rings comes into play. Here I can "play" a little and create different shades and color gradients. Depending on my mood and also with a little chance, the unique colors on the rings are created.

Afterwards, many things are cleaned and polished again by hand, without much equipment. I love these final steps, which show off the unique beauty of each ring so well.

As you can see, many different steps are necessary to create a real Sage leaf a silver ring which you can now put on your finger for your very special occasions or moments.

If you are now curious and want to learn more about the sage leaf ring, then I have 10 facts about the sage leaf ring summarized for you.

The creation of the sage leaf ring

The path from the leaf to the ring should now be clear and I hope you have fun choosing your personal favorite ring.

What? You don't know your ring size to choose your sage leaf ring? Well then, I have a very simple guide for you on how to measure your ring size in 3 minutes.

See you soon!

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