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Article: Jewellery Munich 2024, handmade unique jewellery

Schmuck aus München

Jewellery Munich 2024, handmade unique jewellery

Munich is a city of enchanting beauty, and I was able to live in this vibrant city for three years during my studies. I really enjoyed my time there, and that's why I would like to introduce you to some talented jewelry artists who create their art right here in Munich. If you're from Munich or the surrounding area, it might be worth visiting them in person when you get the chance.

Jewellery Munich: a city full of beautiful jewellery

Angelika Brinkmann

makes very unique and individual pieces of jewelry that she often develops in collaboration with her customers. Jewelry is a matter close to Angelika's heart and should reflect the wishes and dreams of the wearer. But take a look yourself:


Patrik Muff's jewelry studio has been around for almost 20 years now and he has his studio in the heart of Munich, on Ledererstrasse. This part of town was already populated by craftsmen in the Middle Ages. His pieces are very concise and powerful and combine the most diverse aspects from all over the world. It's definitely worth taking a look at his website.

Leaf - Fine Jewelry

Basera Elsner has been designing this wonderful, very delicate jewelry since 2005 and has her studio in Munich. She finds inspiration in everyday life, but also from her oriental roots. Take a look at her website:


Mirjam Wiegand makes very unique and special leather bracelets. A combination of high-quality natural materials, elaborate weaving and great attention to detail. Convince yourself of this loving craftsmanship.

Susan Beck

creates wonderful, unique and very artistic jewelry in Munich. She is a goldsmith, gemologist and diamond appraiser and has lived and worked in Namibia and New York for several years. Be sure to check out all of her unique and wonderful pieces of jewelry.

There are still many great jewelry artists in Munich - but these 5 have just caught my eye and I thought I can't and don't want to keep them from you.

Jewellery Munich is great, but with me you can order many great natural jewellery online

Discover the world of handmade jewelry not only in Munich, but also with me. My collections are all inspired by nature and consist of unique, one-of-a-kind pieces of jewelry. Immerse yourself in my online shop and discover a variety of jewelry in silver and gold that will underline your personality.

Jewellery Munich: you can also order a beautiful lady's mantle leaf from me online

Each of my pieces of jewelry reflects the beauty and diversity of nature. Whether made directly from natural materials or simply inspired by them, they all carry the essence of nature within them.

My creations are 100% made in Austria, more precisely in the picturesque town of Altenberg near Linz in Upper Austria. High-quality materials such as silver, gold-plated silver and bronze are used here and occasionally refined with pearls or gemstones. I especially love designing rings because I love wearing them myself. Immerse yourself in my world of handmade jewelry and find the perfect piece that expresses your individuality.

See you soon!

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