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Article: Authenticity and jewelry - what do these two have in common?

Authentizität und Schmuck - was haben die 2 gemeinsam?

Authenticity and jewelry - what do these two have in common?

The word authenticity consists of 5 syllables and is not that easy to pronounce or write.

Wikipedia says: “Authenticity means genuineness in the sense of being found to be original.” Sounds quite simple, but it is often not that simple.

Today, this word is used very often and in many different ways. Open a newspaper or magazine or read a post on social media, and the word authentic will surely follow you.

Authenticity and jewelry, do the two have something in common?

We all want and should be authentic; even food, clothing and furniture are suddenly authentic. Authenticity has become a popular buzzword.

I am completely myself, sounds good, sounds so easy, sounds like it doesn't take much effort. But is it true?

Jewelry and authenticity?

It's often not that easy to be honest and genuinely authentic. Just be ME, no matter what - even how you wear your jewelry or what jewelry you wear.

It sounds so easy, very simple. But to truly bear what makes us who we are can be a long journey.

Because to do this you first have to find out what makes YOU feel authentic when wearing a ring or a necklace. Which piece of jewelry really suits you?

Every day we are bombarded with photos and advertisements about jewelry on social media, in magazines, on posters, and in newspapers. Everyone wants to tell us what suits us and what is hip and in.

But is that what makes us authentic and real?

I often don't think so when I see everyone wearing the same pieces of jewelry just because they are hyped by some celebrities or influencers.

Do you really have to go along with that? No!

Only if it is real for you, then yes, otherwise you should listen to your gut feeling. Feel inside yourself, when you wear which piece of jewelry do you feel good - in other words, complete?

Because only then can the necklace, ring or earring make you shine, complement you and complete your look.

Authenticity and jewelry: leaf pendant made of real leaves

Then you are freed from the stress of always having to have the latest IT item, because then you are wearing a piece of jewelry that really suits you and lets you be REAL and authentic.

You feel that and you radiate this feeling out into the world; it underlines you and your type and makes your personality shine.

Therefore, it is worth spending a few minutes of your time to look within yourself and find the feeling that brings you to more authenticity.

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