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Article: Christening gift: Ivy leaf pins in silver

Taufgeschenk Efeu Blatt Pins in Silber

Christening gift: Ivy leaf pins in silver

I was able to make a very pretty christening gift for a pair of twins. I directly depicted two small ivy leaves in silver and then made them into pins.

Baptism gift from nature: 2 ivy leaf pins

Christening gift ivy leaf pins in silver

A very nice idea from a new customer that I was able to implement. I think this idea is so nice because I can very well imagine that these little ivy leaf pins will be suitable for any age and can accompany the two little baptism candidates through life.

Commissioned work as a gift or for you

I also love to make commissioned works according to customer requests. This is exactly how this christening gift came about. A nice lady asked if I could make ivy leaves into pins, i.e. small badges.

Of course that’s possible!

Baptism gift ivy leaf pins from nature

I think that's a really nice idea and I'm already thinking about whether I should add these pins to my range. Because a small leaf pin always looks good, whether it's on the lapel of a blazer, the collar of a blouse or even on a scarf. A badge or so-called pin is always great to wear.

History of the baptism gift

But the idea originated with the lady's grandfather, who was a dentist and formed small leaves from leftover gold, which then became part of the family jewelry.

Christening gift ivy leaf pin in silver

Therefore, this tradition should be kept alive and I was allowed to make 2 small ivy leaves as a christening gift. A very pretty idea for a pair of twins for their christening. I wish the 2 little earthlings all the best and hope that they will also be happy with their gift in a few years.

The ivy leaf also has a very beautiful symbolism, which makes it a wonderful baptism gift. Whoever gives an ivy plant as a gift strengthens the connection and friendship with another person. So this is perfect for a baptism too.


Contract work and customer requests

If you have a special wish or want to surprise someone with a special leaf. Even if you just want to treat yourself with a special piece of jewelry or a complete set, then contact me and I look forward to implementing your wishes for you.

See you soon!

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