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Article: ♣ Cloverleaf pendant production

Kleeblatt Anhänger Anfertigung

♣ Cloverleaf pendant production

Once again, a leaf pendant has been created based on a customer request. I received a request asking if I could make a pendant out of a four-leaf clover. Yes, I would be happy to do so, provided the four-leaf clover is sent to me. Unfortunately, I am rarely lucky enough to find these four-leaf clovers.

♣ Cloverleaf pendant production

Cloverleaf pendant production

Martina then found me a few clover leaves and packed them in a plastic bag. If you would like to send me leaves for a wish tag, it is very important that you pack your leaves in a plastic bag. It is also important to put some air into the plastic bag so that it becomes a kind of air cushion or air cushion. This way, the leaves you send won't be pressed down or get any folds. The leaf will be depicted exactly as it is, and you can see everything afterwards.

Cloverleaf pendant production

I was then able to remove one of the silver clovers. With the four-leaf clover, it is not so easy and it was quite time-consuming. Clovers are very delicate and fragile and the bars that hold the individual leaves together are very thin. But it turned out well and looks beautiful.

The trailer has now arrived at its owner and I have just received the following feedback from Martina and I am very happy about it, thank you very much for that:

I was looking for a personal gift for my best friend and had the idea of ​​having a four-leaf clover preserved for her! After some research I came across and found what I wanted there: the possibility of having a leaf silver plated! After a personal inquiry to Gudrun, I received precise instructions on how to package and send the clover leaf I had found - and after a short time, I received this beautiful silver-plated clover pendant! Thank you very much for that! My girlfriend hasn't received it yet, but I'm quite sure that she will be very happy with this personal gift. It's quite possible that I will send other beautiful finds to Gudrun to "preserve" them!

Cloverleaf pendant production

If you would also like to have a wish pendant made from a special leaf, just contact me.

See you soon!

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