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Article: Bridal jewelry from lady’s mantle

Brautschmuck vom Frauenmantel

Bridal jewelry from lady’s mantle

I was able to make beautiful bridal jewelry! And all of it with a really great leaf, the lady's mantle. It was to be a pendant and earrings. I made the whole thing in bronze, beautiful for a summer wedding!

Bridal jewelry from lady’s mantle

Bridal jewelry from lady's mantle in bronze

Dear Maria called me a few weeks ago and asked if I could make her bridal jewelry. She wanted a pendant and earrings. The whole thing was to be made of lady's mantle leaves. Of course I was very keen to make that for her. But I couldn't find any leaves that small in our area, especially not for the earrings. So she sent me some through the mail, which I could use to make her bridal jewelry.

Bridal jewelry from lady's mantle in bronze

All of my leaf jewelry has real leaves as a “template”. I cannot make these pieces of jewelry without a real leaf. Therefore, each of these pieces is truly unique.

Bridal jewelry from lady’s mantle

What could be better than being able to make jewelry for a wedding? For the most beautiful day! A dream and an honor for me.

Bridal jewelry from lady's mantle in bronze

Mary chose a beautiful leaf for her bridal jewelry, the lady's mantle, also known in Latin as Alchemilla. The botanical name of the lady's mantle is derived from the Arabic alkemelych (alchemy). The alchemists tried to extract "gold" from its "dew drops". The lady's mantle secretes water through fine pores on the edge of the leaf. These "gutatation drops" on the leaves, water actively secreted by the plant, were also called "dew" and this is probably where the term comes from. Even the Druids coveted this "plant water" because it served them for ritual purification during cultic acts.

Bridal jewelry from lady's mantle in bronze

The Lady's Mantle has enjoyed a high status for many centuries. Three planetary forces are associated with the plant: Saturn, Mercury and Venus. The lady's mantle was also dedicated to the goddess Freyja (goddess of love and fertility) and was therefore often collected in the earliest times for love and fertility rituals and then burned as incense. Doesn't that go beautifully with bridal jewelry?

Lady’s mantle effect

Lady's mantle is used primarily to treat all kinds of women's ailments, which is also reflected in its name. It also has a key-like leaf, in the middle of which a pearl of water can rest; this shape is reminiscent of the female womb.

Lady's mantle is said to help with menstrual cramps and is usually dried and used as a tea. Lady's mantle has a slightly bitter, sour but nevertheless pleasant taste. However, the herb is only very rarely used in cooking. Lady's mantle leaves are occasionally used in wild herb salads or wild herb soups.

Bridal jewelry from lady's mantle in bronze

Because of these many great properties, especially for us women, it is an excellent piece of jewelry. But not only for this reason, but also because of its beautiful shape, it has become a pretty bridal piece.

Maria was very pleased with them and received many compliments on these pieces of jewelry on her wedding day! Thank you so much for the honor of making this day more beautiful for you.

If you would like to have a special sheet for a particular occasion, so just contact me!

See you soon!

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