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Article: Workshop time: DIY your own DESIGN WORKSHOP

Workshoptime: DIY your own DESIGN WORKSHOP

Workshop time: DIY your own DESIGN WORKSHOP

Recently it was workshop time for me again.

One of my plans for this year is to try more new things. As the saying goes, you should always try new things and learn new skills or at least try something new.

Yes! That's exactly what I did and I signed up for the DIY your own DESIGN WORKSHOP with my sister. A workshop where you could make your own unique piece of porcelain. The whole thing took place on a Saturday afternoon in the Buntikat in Puchenau.

The design workshop was organized and hosted by Mariana Nikola i, a great illustrator who brings wonderful plants to paper, of course exactly my thing – plants, beautiful and from Christine Mittermayr from Textpoterie . Christine designs beautiful and delicate porcelain with linen prints or great sayings on them. The two together - a great combination and the idea of ​​designing your own piece of porcelain is simply brilliant.

Workshop time: DIY your own DESIGN WORKSHOP

So we drove to Puchenau and were given a very warm welcome. There were eight women attending the course. Designing porcelain is a feminine thing, and that's right. The table was lovingly "set" with different vases and branches, grasses and flowers. We were then given paper, pens and some flower sketch notes as inspiration on a beautifully illustrated mat from Mariana.

We were then allowed to start drawing straight away and I slowly tried out one or two flower motifs. But in the end, it had to happen as it should and I ended up choosing sage as my motif. I love sage, sage in food, Sage as jewelry And yes, now there's sage on the dishes too! I've made my sage motif in a variety of different ways. Just with a leaf or as whole branches. The possibilities are endless!

Workshop time: DIY your own DESIGN WORKSHOP

After I had decided on the motifs, I had to hurry to create a different leaf motif for each piece of porcelain. I had actually planned to create four pieces of porcelain. After all the drawings and sketch notes were finished, they were printed out using a special toner that contains iron. The leaves were then sprayed with multiple layers of varnish so that they could then be applied to the porcelain.

While we waited for the varnish to dry, we enjoyed a wonderful cake and a good coffee! Mmmmm... delicious. After this short break, we then started to put the motifs on the porcelain. Dear Christine showed us how to do it very patiently and helped us every now and then. After some initial hurdles and fears of possibly destroying my sage leaves , it went pretty quickly. I suddenly had so many sage leaves that I managed to make a fifth piece of porcelain!

I am very happy with my end result. It was so much fun and inspiring. A wonderful afternoon with a great result. Unfortunately we couldn't take the porcelain with us yet because Christine still had to fire it to a high degree. Oh well, that's a shame. But otherwise the sage wouldn't have stuck to it and the joy would have been short-lived.

Workshop time: DIY your own DESIGN WORKSHOP

But now I've got my dishes and I'm telling you, they're beautiful! I don't even dare to use them yet for fear of breaking them.

Design Workshop Conclusion:

  • great combination of two crafts
  • nice idea to try something new
  • nice atmosphere with great instructors
  • Any time!

See you soon!

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