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Article: ★ Handmade Jewelry Salzburg 2023

Handgemachter Schmuck Salzburg 2022 | zauberhafte Schmuckunikate

★ Handmade Jewelry Salzburg 2023

Wonderful handmade jewelry from Salzburg

Since I make handmade jewelry myself and also appreciate unique things, I am always interested in artists from other regions of the country who offer handmade jewelry.

Today I would like to introduce you to some great jewelry artists from Salzburg. This is a very personal selection based on my taste and preferences.

AKF Salzburg | Anna-Katharina Feurich

Whether light or heavy, eye-catching or simple earrings, with or without pearls, made of stingray or other materials: each piece is unique in shape, size and color. Each piece is individually designed by Anna-Katharina Feurich.

Heart of Lace | Maria Pavelka

Maria makes hand-made lace jewelry of the highest quality. Lace-making is truly an art that is second to none.

Susanne Steinhart | Jewellery manufacturer

The artist Susanne Steinhart lives and works in Salzburg. She is constantly looking for unusual materials and innovative techniques to create new and elegant jewelry variations.

Wind knots | Barbara Sollereder

A harmonious interplay of sparkling Swarovski stones, natural rose quartz, labradorite, moonstone and tiger eye as well as high-quality rocailles and Delica beads conjures up small treasures.

Natascha Wallek | Wish Circle

The Salzburg native invented the magical circle amulet “Wish-Circle”, a line of jewelry with a very personal touch.

handmade jewelry by Gudrun Stolz | goodrun

There are certainly many other great jewelry artists and goldsmiths in and around Salzburg who create wonderful, hand-crafted pieces of jewelry. But for now, I'll leave it at this small but fine selection of people who just came to mind. I'll definitely add to the list if a new jewelry designer from Salzburg catches my eye.

handmade unique jewelry from lucky clover

Fortunately, handmade jewelry is not only available in Salzburg, because even if you come from there, you still have the opportunity to buy a natural piece of jewelry from me. In my online shop you will find many extraordinary and unique pieces of jewelry that are all handmade.

Sage leaf earrings in gold by Gudrun Stolz

Here you will find handmade individual pieces that are inspired by nature or are directly molded from natural parts. Discover unique one-of-a-kind pieces with structures and shapes from nature.

Sage leaf ring in silver by goodrun | decorating makes you happy

I make all of my jewelry 100% in Austria, more precisely in Upper Austria in the small town of Altenberg near Linz. The pieces are mainly made of silver or bronze and are sometimes complemented with pearls or stones. I like making rings the most because I like wearing them myself.

See you soon!

Oak leaf earrings in silver from real leaf

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