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Article: The special gift for every occasion

Das besondere Geschenk für jeden Anlass | handgefertigter Blattschmuck

The special gift for every occasion

The unique gift idea for every occasion

In our fast-paced world, it is becoming increasingly difficult to find enough time for everything that is important to you. At least, that is often the case for me: work and everyday duties have to be done, and even though I love my work very much, I sometimes regret that I find so little time for my loved ones.

The special gift for every occasion | Sage ring

Handmade leaf jewelry

I think it's all the more important to regularly say "thank you" to all my friends and family: Thank you for being there, for allowing us to spend wonderful times together. Thank you for understanding me and supporting me whenever I need a little encouragement.

Of course, there are lots of ways to say "thank you" from the heart: a hug, a kind word, an invitation to your favorite restaurant. But I also like to show my friends what they mean to me at Christmas and on their birthdays. Not necessarily with incredibly expensive gifts, but with carefully selected, small presents. With that, I want to express: 'You are something very special to me. Thank you for being there.'

Do you sometimes feel like this too? Are you sometimes looking for something particularly beautiful and unique that you could give to your girlfriend, your mom or your sister?

The special gift | Sage leaf earrings

Then I would like to introduce you to my natural jewelry .
Each of my pendants , earrings and bracelets is unique and beautiful. I can say that with pride and without any arrogance, because I am basically just the "intermediary": I take the leaves and bark structures directly from the trees. The real artist, my most important colleague, is nature: she tirelessly creates new, creative and wonderful patterns, which I copy in gold, silver and bronze. And so unique leaf jewelry is created, which is a small but radiant and distinctive gift for every woman . For every woman to whom we want to say: You are fantastic, I love you so much!

Olive leaf earrings | your perfect gift

Magical leaf decoration: The gift for every occasion

There is no need for a special occasion to wear beautiful jewelry. We women should consider it worth it to make ourselves beautiful every day - just for ourselves.

Therefore, a tasteful jewelry gift is a good idea for any celebration: whether you want to delight your loved ones for their birthday, Christmas, an anniversary or their name day, with my leaf jewelry you have the choice and give the gift of pure love and friendship - for your mom, your girlfriend, your sister or your daughter. Handmade jewelry is a unique gift idea that always fits!

The special gift | Sage ring in gold

Leaf decoration as a gift for special occasions

Is your mom celebrating her silver or golden wedding anniversary with your dad? Is your friend inviting you to a big birthday? Or is your sister living in a faraway country and is finally visiting you again after years? Your daughter, who is now grown up and going her own way, has found the love of her life and is getting married?

Then it's time for a gift chosen with love for your favorite person! And handmade jewelry is one of the most popular gifts for women!

The maple pendant | The special gift

Did you know, for example, that the linden tree has always been the tree of love? If you go for a walk and see a linden tree, take a look at the bark: hearts with initials are often carved into the fine, grey bark. This is a very old tradition and is said to bring luck to lovers. It is not for nothing that a linden leaf is shaped like a heart. Wouldn't a golden linden leaf be a wonderful gift for a woman who holds a very special place in your heart?

Or are you looking for a piece of jewelry that expresses a particularly strong and close friendship? Then you might find what you're looking for with my ivy leaves . Ivy is an evergreen plant that stands for loyalty and friendship. That might sound a bit old-fashioned, but let's be honest: having a really good friend who sticks with you through thick and thin, who still likes you even if you say or do something stupid, you don't find that kind of friend every day or in every place. Saying to a good friend: Your friendship is valuable to me, that's a great and important gesture, I think. I took my ivy leaves in silver and bronze , so you can choose what would suit your friend better.

Oak leaf earrings - your best gift

You can also find oak leaves in my range. The oak, just like ivy, has also stood for loyalty since ancient times, but also for strength and for life itself. An elegant pendant in the shape of an oak leaf expresses: You are a great friend and a strong woman who is in the prime of life. All the best to you.

Leaf decoration as a Christmas gift

Christmas, as a festival of love, is of course also a wonderful occasion to tell your girlfriend, mother, sister or daughter how much you love her and how important she is to you.

In my opinion, jewelry made of gold or silver is particularly suitable for Christmas.

the golden oak leaf is a gift for a special person

You can find a golden oak leaf pendant or linden leaf pendant in my collection, as well as more inconspicuous leaves, for example from lady's mantle . This star-shaped, fine leaf is not only beautiful to look at, it has always been the plant that represents us women. It has healing powers for women's problems and was previously given for a "broken heart". For me, the love of life and our strong female power speaks from this plant, which is why I love using it so much for my golden pendants.

the perfect gift idea | a ginkgo leaf pendant

Among my silver pendants, I would particularly like to recommend the ginkgo leaf . The ginkgo comes from Asia and is comparable in meaning to our linden tree: it stands for love, but also for life in its entirety, for the sunny and dark sides that can only exist together. A ginkgo leaf is therefore an exotic but wonderful and symbolic gift for a unique woman who may have a few rough edges, but who is precisely why she is such a wonderful person.

give away a piece of happiness

Or do you just want to give the gift of pure luck? Then let me introduce you to my silver four-leaf clover , which you surely know as a symbol of luck. And every woman can use a little luck in her life, don't you think? So with my clover pendant you are at least giving the gift of a sincere wish for a good portion of luck - and who knows, maybe the pendant will become a new, personal lucky charm for your girlfriend? I would wish that for every woman...

a beech leaf | the perfect gift idea

Give the gift of nature! My service for your individual gift

I make my leaf jewelry by hand in my small workshop in Austria. Since each piece of jewelry is taken directly from a leaf, no two pendants are the same, and no two rings or earrings are the same. This way, you get a unique and extraordinary piece of jewelry for your loved ones.

You can simply order my jewelry online on my website. I will be happy to package your individual gift in a pretty little box. This way you don't have to worry about the packaging yourself. You will receive an extraordinary present that is suitable for any occasion and with which you can tell your girlfriend, mother, grandmother or sister: You are like this piece of jewelry: wonderful and unique.

Vine leaf earrings for your loved ones

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